Thomas Feazel

Some of Tom’s earlier work:

Yachts in a Fort Myers Marina

Double Rainbow over Lake Agnes

Some of Tom’s favorite recent photographs.
View from Tom’s Desk:

Another view from Tom’s Desk”

View from Ballast Point Park

Tom’s Photo Challenge Shots –

Shot 2

3rd Shot of City Hall

The Photographer

Tom is my best-riend and fellow photography enthusiast and lucky me he also happens to be my husband. Tom is a retired architect and photography hobbyist. A few years ago Tom took me to see the release of the butterflies at the Butterfly Museum, which is located at the University of Florida campus in Gainesville. He handed me his Lumix G-2 SLR with a 14-55 mm Leica lens and he never saw it again. That day I snapped over 1000 pictures of the butterflies. I was hooked! Tom was amazed and eventually gifted that camera to me. He has shared his passion for photography with me. Tom has shared with me a great deal about the technical aspects of photographic equipment, composition, and the use of flash. He is an impressive landscape and wildlife photographer who brings years of architectural training and experience to his work. I have a great respect and admiration for Tom’s work. Here are a few of his photographs.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Feazel”

  1. Tom,

    Mike and Nancy Hamman, my wife, Jackie and I are sitting around talking about you. Glad to see you are doing well.

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