I have been taking pictures all of my life of moments that pass to quickly. These RAW moments filled with people and things are intriguing to me, and although they may be insignificant to everyone but me, yet, I find them most significant. It is in these tiny moments that we live our lives. They represent the dash in life that holds our stories. Each memory I capture in a photograph is special and I always feel privileged to be a part of it.

My photography is about how I see my subjects. Who they become when I look at them through my lens. What are they about? I try to find the uniqueness in each individual subject, and what they tell me in the brief moment I get to capture. Everyone has a story and I like to capture them.

Enjoy and Soar!

Marylia (Mo) Feazel

4 thoughts on “BEHIND MY LENS”

  1. Hi Mo:

    The things we make, make us, so true … and I’m not making much right now — lol.

    But I’ve been thinking of creating a blog. Mine will be, perhaps not to your liking, a political rave and rant. There is so much wrong out there, so many corrupt people, and as an historian I’ve come to realize it’s been happening for a long time. But now it’s worse than ever and getting even worse as we move into the future. Also, I want to use a pseudonym. Perhaps you would be interested in helping me set it up — give me ideas; you certainly are the creative one.


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