Photography for me

Classic Black and White
Classic Black and White – I was born Marilia de La Cruz, in Mayaquez, Puerto Rico. I was adopted by my step-father and my name was changed to Marylia Garcia. I came of age in the late 60’s – early 70’s and my name became Mo. All of those names apply to me. In 2014 I married Tom Feazel and my name changed to Marylia Feazel. In this blog and my social networking sites, photography sites, etc., photographs credited to Marylia Garcia, Marilia Garcia, Mo Garcia, Marylia Feazel or Mo Feazel refer to me. I captured those images and they are all copyrighted with all rights reserved.

There is something magical that happens for me when I snap a picture with my camera and then am able to hold it in my hand on a piece of paper. This intimacy with time is an intensely personal experience that drives my photography. I am a photography hobbyist who has struggled with transitioning to professional. Turning “PRO” robs me of a certain artistic freedom that I am not willing to give up. I find that when my subject is of my choosing, then, I am shooting for an intensely passionate reason. When the subject pays me to shoot them the shoot becomes about what they want to see in the final image. In the latter case my passion is merely a backdrop, and I am not willing to make that compromise.

I capture images of architectural features, landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, wildlife, sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, night photography, and people. At this time none of my images are for sale.

I enjoy shooting all kinds of people, things, and situations, but my favorite subjects are random shots in natural settings. Especially when the shot is caught at just the right decisive moment.

Lack of current posts from me should be interpreted as a sign that I am engaged in a flurry of activity, or am lost in the pursuit of elusive thoughts and lavish notions. Don’t despair, I will return soon and bring something amazing with me. Keep it real and enjoy the trip!

Enjoy and Soar!

Marylia Feazel

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