Vintage Weddings

On March 6, 2011, my daughter married her prince charming at an amazing location in Tijeras, New Mexico. This was a small private affair. A diy wedding that turned out spectacular!  Although it was a little wedding, it had all the elements of a big affair. The venue, Bruce House, is a spectacular house situated high in the Sandia mountains, in the city of  Tijeras, New Mexico, and surrounded by 10 acres of land. The wedding was a black tie affair, and there were plenty of pre-wedding parties and an Irish themed rehearsal dinner. Most importantly, Des and Cully were able to share their special moment with a small group of twenty-five family and close friends. The bride and groom wanted everyone to leave saying, “that was so Cully and Des.”  That’s exactly what we all felt. This was truly a reflection of who Des and Cully are. Everything about the wedding reflected their good taste, their serendipitous sense of humor, their flare for the dramatic, and their desire to share their genuine love for each other with their guests.

Here are a few pictures of the wedding. They are a collection of pictures taken by guests. I used a Panasonic G2, 12 mp, 14-45 mm lenses, and my Sony 14.1 mp point and shoot. There was also a retro 1960’s style Polaroid camera, and various other point and shoots. I edited each of the photographs with various editors.

The Bride
The Wedding Party
Family Wedding Picture

Tattooed Bride

Best Man

La Familia


In my continuing effort to grow and improve my photography I continue to snap my shutter as often as possible. These pictures were shot with my Sony 14 megapixel point and shoot.  The pictures posted below are good, but the limitations of the camera are evident.  To compensate for my camera limitations I relied on decisive moments and paint shop to save this shoot. Not all the pictures I shot this day required photo-editing. The ones I chose to share here I did edit by applying interesting edges and aging effects. My personal goal when I snap my shutter is to make all the camera adjustments and settings, as well as framing my composition in such a way that I will capture the feeling, the mood, and the story I intended without the need to edit. 

Enjoy and Soar!

Mo Garcia

Wedding Date: 1/16/2011


It was a lovely day for a wedding

Michal and Trev’s Wedding was such a special event, and not just for them, but it was special for me too. This is going to sound rather strange, but I invited myself to this wedding. The details went like this. An e-vite was sent to my boss that was automatically forwarded to me. In error, I graciously accepted and reported I would bring a guest. It wasn’t until I ran into Michal in the hallway that I had one of those ah-huh moments where I got it!  The e-vite wasn’t meant for me. Oops!

Michal was so sweet and gracious that she extended the invitation to me and Daiana anyway. Daiana is a friend and fellow shutter-bug, you can visit her blog here . We showed up with several cameras, and joined our boss and a few other invited co-workers.

Every couple is unique…their wedding, their special day should capture that…this one did!

The Covered Bride

I adore vintage effects and took creative liberty on this photo…

this is a wonderful 1960s effect….

By The Sea, By The Beautiful Sea…

The Happy Couple

A distant shore…

 So many weddings pictures are predictable, almost cookie cutter. This wedding wasn’t your usual cookie cutter wedding. . .it was special, lovely, and filled with tradition.

Daiana and I were working opposite of each other…here I capture Michal’s face while Daiana capture’s Trev.

Off to the reception

Proud of her groom. . .

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