Pink Hibiscus Journal

Why Hibiscus, and why pink? Hibiscuses are among the species of flowers referred to as complete flowers. This means that they contain both male and female reproductive organs. They are capable of pollinating themselves, or each other. Two flowers on the same bush can reproduce.

If you were to compare their ability to replicate themselves to computer technology, then they come equipped with great software! They are also pollinated by insects. Hibiscuses do not have any significant scent, at least not discernible by humans. They bloom all year long in the right climate. I live in Florida which is a perfect setting for this plant. The main attraction to both people, and insects, are the beauty of the blooms. Hibiscuses come in many colors and variations. My favorite happens to be the Pink Hibiscus. It just reminds me of Florida. Each time I see a Pink Hibiscus I remember being a young girl in Florida; I remember walks to the park, and happy trips to the local beaches.

Hibiscuses remind me of another time and place when everything was new and fresh. When life was full of promise, adventure and wonder. A time when I wanted to stay up as long as I could so I wouldn’t miss anything. Pink Hibiscuses, conjure up all sorts of cozy memories. Mornings filled with the scent of fresh cuban coffee roasting, and hot cuban bread toasting. I remember the delicious savory taste of the bread dunked in the sweet cafe con leche. I remember afternoon snacks of fresh mangoes plucked from my grandfather’s mango tree. We’d share the snack on his swing under the shade of the mango tree. I remember how I enjoyed the smell of mango, and would often rub the leaves together to smell the pungent mango scent. Perhaps those are the moments I choose to remember. Perhaps that is the way my memory wired itself, either way, Pink Hibiscuses are a wonderful way to revisit fond memories of my childhood.

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