New Mexico 2011

This place is a photographers dream. Some of the most photogenic cities can be found right here in New Mexico. If only I could find a way to finance a life here. . .

Meet My Girls . . .

Meet Ella, she and I have been spending a lot of time at the nearby park where she has demonstrated acrobatic skills for me, i.e., running, jumping, cart wheeling, and hanging upside down. . . just a few of her favorite pastimes!

Dreamy Ella

She found sunflower seeds . . .

Smelling the flowers . . .

In Flight…

Meet Mallory . . .
This special little creature’s social butterflying ways have her totally distracted from her school work. We’ve been working together on getting her organized, and focused on homework. Our greatest challenge has been on getting Ella to give up Mallory’s desk. Ella is not happy about that.

Testing out Halloween Costume ideas. . .

My Sweet Girl . . .

On her way to dance class . . .

This is me and my daughter, Desiree. She started talking at three-years-old and hasn’t stopped:-)

The Des

My Girls and me in Santa Fe

Meet My son-in-law, Cully, aka, Papa Bear!

Meet Thor my Grand Dog . . .

Busted loose from the cone he was wearing for an eye injury and ran free for a few minutes . . .

Ella climbed out of his way!

Nana Walking Thor, or is Thor walking Nana?

Nana, Thor, and Ella. . .

The Mountain:

The Green Side of the Mountain,

Another view


Day 7 of my trip, Thursday, October 27. I have 4 more days in this beautiful place. Four more days of playing with my delightful grand daughters, and I am relishing every minute! It will be months before I see them again.

Last night the weather changed. I noticed the drastic drop in temperature yesterday evening when my son-law, Cully, called me outside to snap the sunset. There was an awesome orange tint to the evening, and the wind began to kick up. It was blowing stronger than it had on previous evenings.

Orange Skies!

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 26, we hung out at home just chilling, and doodling. It was Ella’s dance class’ wear your costume day. All the dancers wore their Halloween costumes and danced.

I took 1000 pictures. Thank g-d for 16g memory cards! Ella dressed as a unicorn and we made a trip to the local Hobby Lobby to get material for her tail.

She looked great! Afterwards we picked up chinese food and came home.

It had rained a bit and there was a rainbow in the sky.

Rainbow Sky

Tuesday, October 25, This is day five of my trip. I have six more days here and each one will be jammed with color, emotions, laughter, love, art, adventure, and that’s just with my girls.  This morning  Cully, Des, Ella, and I went back to Santa fe to visit the farmers market. Mallory couldn’t go because she was in school. The market was smaller than I expected, but the vegetables were colorful. We bought, roasted red peppers, rustic breads, cheese, and a jar of raspberry-ginger-chili spread. Yummy! I picked up a bunch of red chili peppers to hang in my kitchen back home. We ate breakfast at a very cool little restaurant called Flying Star Cafe. It has a section of books and magazines and a take a book, leave a book system. You can also register your book and track it. Here is the link for you to check out. computer. The food is awesome, it’s made from scratch!

We also stopped and toured the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. We viewed the Robert Henri exhibit. I was surprised that the museum was so small. Georgia O’Keeffe’s work was housed in the rear of the museum and I didn’t see the red poppy painting I was hoping to see. I did learn quite a bit about her, and the way she developed as an artist, and how her photographer husband had a great impact on getting her work recognized. I discovered a style of her work I was not previously familiar with. This was her large-scale paintings of New York City Sky Scrapers. I picked up a couple of prints I thought Tom would enjoy, and a Calla Lily pen for Mallory. Hopefully it will motivate her to practice her cursive. The museum attendants were very taken with Ella. They handed us a child’s book about Georgia O’Keeffe to read to her. They thought Ella could have easily been one of Robert Henri’s subjects. He painted portraits with very life-like eyes. Ella thought that was cool.

We left the museum and visited a photography gallery next door. It was quite impressive to see what some of those prints sell for. There wasn’t a print priced for less than 2k. I want to know how one gets their work to sell for those prices. Anyway, I came away with a new goal.  It’s always so enjoyable to walk the streets of this city. Every corner holds a photograph waiting to be taken. I came across several other shutter bugs walking around snapping their shutters. Without fail they were all using Canons.  Surely I must stand out with my Panasonic, G-2, Lumix, and my Leica lenses!  After a brief walk around the city we were ready for lunch. We ate lunch at the Burrito Company Cafe. It was awesome, great spanish music playing in the background and awesome mango tea. Then we headed back to Albuquerque to pick Mallory up from school.

Monday, October 24, Cully, Des, Ella, and Me got up early and dropped Mallory off at school. Poor Mallory! Then we headed to Malcolm’s Farm to visit the corn maze and pumpkin patches. Mallory and I are going with her class on Friday and Ella isn’t allowed to go. We thought we’d take Ella today, but when we got there the farm was closed. Apparently they only open for schools and special groups during the week. We’re going to go back on Saturday with both, Ella and Mallory. Since the farm was closed, we decided to visit the town of Madrid. It’s an old abandoned mining town that has been reclaimed by artists.

Madrid is one of several cities found along the turquoise trail.  It houses many galleries and trendy consignment shops in repurposed bungalow style houses. It’s quaint, extremely rustic, and nostalgic. I adored it! Not all the galleries have the type or quality of art that interests me, but there were a few that did impress me. The Redbone Gallery was interesting because it has an interesting collection of vintage hats.  I did not see any photography galleries here in Madrid. All the galleries appear to display the work of local artisans and crafters.  Nonetheless, it was well worth visiting. We ate lunch at the Mine Shaft Tavern! Very yummy! Very cool. All these places are decorated for Halloween which adds to the spookiness of the ghost town effect already prevalent here.

Sunday, October 23, Des, Ella, Mallory and I went to Santa fe. We stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way and bought strawberries, rosemary bread, rosemary chicken salad, caesar salad, licorice, moscato wine, and dark chocolate. We walked over to the town center park and ate lunch on a bench as we listened to the musicians entertain us. There were many local artisans and crafters exhibiting their work. It was a great afternoon. We toured Santa fe, I took hundreds of photographs! Later we headed back home to pick up Cully at work.

Several of Cully and Des’ friends stopped by to have some of Cully’s famous bar’ b’cued ribs! Yummy!

Saturday, October 22 Just hung out around the house. I was recouping from a bug I must have gotten from the plane or airports. I went with Des, and the girls to Mallory’s dance class. I videoed and snapped hundreds of pictures. Later we came home. I got to babysit the girls and we had popcorn, vanilla-ice-cream floats, and leftover macaroni cheese casserole for dinner. The girls picked videos and I was very impressed that everything they picked were educational documentaries about wildlife, sea-life, crocodiles, and dinosaurs. We were all tired and everyone was asleep by 10:30 p.m. Night-Night!

Friday, October 21, I arrived in Albuquerque at 9:45 a.m. great flights. Hated the Dallas Fort Worth airport. I had to go through security twice because I stepped out side gate “A” trying to get to my connector which was leaving from gate “C”. The American Airline rep directed outside to get a shuttle and I didn’t like having to get radiated twice! Dammed Airlines.

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