HDR Style Photography

A Toast to a lovely day:-)

Downtown Tampa

A Trip to Albuquerque Art Museums – Self portraits taken with my Sony 14 mp point and shoot. Edited to convert to HDR image:-)

Sunny Day on The Bayshore

I greeted the new year quietly at Tom’s lakeside house doing the things I like to do best which are taking pictures, sipping wine, and listening to good music. Tom and I have been experimenting with new photographic styles. Tom prides himself in taking excellent shots that require minimal post processing. I am just the opposite. I take pride in my ability to manipulate my photographs often transforming them into almost abstract works of art. We both enjoy rich color and texture in our images.

Here are a few shots I took on New Year’s Eve.

Art Effect

Bridge near Performing Arts Center

Tampa Skyline at noon, viewed from Ballast Point Park.

As viewed from Ballast Point Park

View of Lake Agnes and Tom’s Dock.

Lakes Agnes viewed from outside Tom's Bedroom window 12/31/2011

Family Winter Portrait from 2010 edited to resemble HDR effect.

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