Sunday Ride 14.3 miles

You know every time I get on the bike early in the morning there’s a little mental challenge with myself that I have to overcome. The way I’ve learned to deal with that is just to ignore the entire conversation that my brain is having was itself and I just keep moving. I put air into the tires, pack my water into the saddlebags, I get into my riding clothes, I put my helmet on and set up my ride tracking device, finally I turn on my music put in the earbuds and hit the road.

I always have a goal in mind, and, a challenge. I try to best my last ride but I’m never quite sure whether I’m going to. I’m constantly talking myself into the ride as I move along. And I’m always surprised when I not only make it but am able to best my last ride.

I let the trail talk to me and reveal itself along the way.  For instance, on this morning’s bike ride I photographed a windmill I had not seen before because I went a little further and discovered another part of the trail. On this ride, I encountered a couple of new animals who’ live here. Parts of the trail runs right through the middle of their habitat.

I had to stop to shoot (with my iPhone camera of course) a mama armadillo and her baby, that crossed the path. I came upon a couple of young snakes, okay, they were not so little. In fact, they scared a whole group of joggers who stopped and turned around and didn’t want to walk past the snakes, but I managed to ride past them as they were crawling in opposite directions of each other across the trail.

I am so happy about my iPhone camera, it is so convenient to just pause on my ride and snap random shots like the cool dragonfly that landed near me when I stopped at one of my water break spots. And there were also the turtles, birds, cows bulls, and the baby calves. Did I mention the vegetation that is everywhere? The trees the, open meadows and the impressive savannas seemed to be calling out to me. All of it taking place under this beautiful blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. It was picturesque.

In my interaction with nature, I’m presented with the awareness that I am immersed in a world within worlds and all these creatures and I are sharing our existence on this planet with each other. Yet, we are each experiencing life from a totally different perspective.

Today’s Photo Gallery

I find that kind of interesting because I think that we often lose sight of the fact that we often think that everybody is perceiving things the same way, but they’re not. Life is one unique individual experience at every level of existence. I must develop more tolerance and understanding. These are not easy for me sometimes.

Today’s Gallery!

Enjoy and Soar!

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