I started my keto diet again last Monday so this is officially my sixth day on keto and today I’m struggling. I am having some sugar cravings and dealing with boredom issues over the amount of vegetables, salads and all of the meat I eat. I really have to work on my mindset if I’m going to be able to be successful and get past this week.

A couple of months now I have been riding my bicycle one time a week. I’m up to 10 miles on my weekly ride. Keto doesn’t encourage exercise when you first start but I just didn’t want to stop my weekly ride. Today I struggled early into my ride.

I find that this is all a mindset choice and when I’m struggling either with the boredom of Keto, or with my commitment to cycling, when I get to that point where I’m really struggling and I think I’m going to fail, I change my mindset. Instead of making it a challenging burden I try to look at it differently. I immediately set out to find something in it that I can enjoy. This change in my perspective made all the difference. Enjoyment in the process is essential for me. If I’m not enjoying the process I will quit. That’s just my human nature.

So when I began to struggle on my ride today, I realized I was pushing myself to hard and I was making the ride about meeting a goal and it became hard. I stoped and reset the way I was approaching it. I sat on the next bench and created a new playlist of music to ride to.

Then I took off my shoes and stood barefoot.

I even took a few minutes and leaned against a tree for grounding and recharging. When I got back on my bike I stopped as often as I felt the need to do so to hydrate and rest. The results were that I met my 10 mile goal and I actually exceeded it by a few blocks, and I did it in the same amount of time as my last ride but I actually rode faster.

I finished with a wonderful soaking bath in magnesium flakes for remineralization. I enjoyed a nice healthy Keto lunch, and after a 30 minute nap I made my way outside to enjoy the lakeside.

Until next week, Enjoy and Soar!

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