It was such a beautiful day I just couldn’t stay in doors. I headed over to historic downtown Lakeland to check out the curbside farmers market but on my way I stopped off and got a car wash and by that time I was a little ready for some campfire coffee and beignets. I ordered the “poker”. 3 scrumptious beignets drowned in maple syrup and topped off with crumbled bacon and just a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Yep! Let’s get this weekend started!

Next, I headed over to the curbside farmers market and noticed that there was a bit of an art festival going on. I checked out a couple of the tents snd picked up a pencil skirt with an interesting print that could be a retro look.

I was heading over to the “aqua organics” produce stand, my favorite place to buy local produce, because their farm is literally 2 miles away from my house and how much more local can you get? On the way I noticed a new boutique popped up and it’s called the “B” so I stopped in to check it out.

It turned out to be quite a cool little place. It has new clothing in the front, and I thought it was just like a little small two room boutique shop, but I found a couple of things I wanted to try on and on the way to the dressing room voila, there’s a huge back area that’s an upscale thrift. Here are a few treasures.

At Scouts I found a cutesy Florida magnet for my new refrigerator.

And vintage Florida boxed matches for my bathroom.

I finally made it to the produce stand and got the most scrumptious fresh produce that you could imagine!

Time to head home and whip up some lunch, and unpack my treasures but first, a stop at Publix to pick up food for the next week.

After a fantastic lunch I just passed out and didn’t wake up till about four! Oh no! I remembered the lady at the car wash telling me that tomorrow is going to be a day full of horrible weather and now I’m feeling all kinds of guilty over those beignets I had for breakfast. Well it is time to go for a bike ride!

Whoa! Great ride!

Did it! Getting faster!

Feeling the pain and also the Strength! Time for a potassium remineralization soaking bath and a little reward!

Grapefruit, champagne sangria! Ahhhhhh!

The end!

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