Just another day in Lakeland

So I set off this morning after the fog lifted and went out to get my haircut. After the haircut I took a little stroll over to the farmers curbside market and found it buzzing with activity.

The street was crowded with people and the weather was awesome. It felt like spring was in the air even though it’s not quite there yet, but the energy was great and the kiosks were busy filled with people and wonderful produce. Street musicians were playing their guitars. The smell of coffee brewing filled the air, lemonade stands and fresh juices,it was quite festive.

I guess everybody is happy to be back in warmer temperate weather. The organic local farmers had their crops out it was spectacular. I loved it. I had so much fun and I really enjoyed the tasters! I located an organic farmer that’s not even a mile away from my house right here in Polk city and they do aqua organics.

I purchased Several large heads of curly greens, and fresh sprouts, and butter lettuce, mushrooms, and avocados. Yum! I couldn’t wait to get home and whip them up for lunch!

I Have become interested in exploring eating more raw foods and curbing my meat consumption, and yes, starch, bread and sugar, are being shoved back too.

Nothing drastic I’m just gradually increasing fresh raw greens in my diet and shrinking portions of everything else. I’ll see how it goes.

As I left the curbside market I walked y one of my favorite alleys and passed the Lakelander Magazine publishing house then I stopped off at a little tiny hole in the wall vintage shop I like and found a special little treat to add to my collection of dolls. I made all the dolls In my collection, but this one just, I don’t know, called out to me.

I couldn’t wait to whip up my greens into a great big salad for lunch. It was delicious with avocados, fresh organic onions, garlic, a little tiny sprinkle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little tiny bit of Salt and Italian herbs oh jeez it was good!

I wasn’t perfect I did have a little cream sickle 50 cal ice cream from d’lites.

But I felt guilty enough that I motivated myself to get my beautiful little bike out on the trail. The weather was so perfect that I went for a really nice long ride 2 miles folks! I’m so proud of myself.

Those mushrooms and greens made a scrumptious early dinner.

A little Pinot Grigio to end a perfect day!

Enjoy & Soar!

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