2017 Thanksgiving – Believe in magic!


The day started out lovely, cloudy but beautiful and we looked forward to a scrumptious feast at Susie and Joe’s with the grandkids, family, and friends. Everyone was instructed by our hostess to bring a dish and I was asked to bring something Jewish and Spanish.

So I brought Latkes and Guava Pastries, yum! Don’t laugh! I drove many miles between Ybor City and Lakeland to purchase these goodies. TooJay’s in downtown Tampa was closed on Wednesday! I had a tight timeline between locations and of course I hit a major traffic jam on the fabulous I-4! I just can’t figure out where all those cars traveling eastbound are headed to.

Just as Tom and I are headed out the door, I receive a text from Des telling me she was not going to make it because she was home, sick. We have all been battling some viral thing that has us all sneezing, coughing, achy, sore throat, clogged ears, and bad sinuses. I promised I would take her a nice batch of chicken soup tomorrow. Tom and I headed out. On the way, we hit another traffic jam due to an unfortunate accident. It looked pretty serious and everyone had to be rerouted. So this was my lesson in gratitude. To be honest, I felt aggravated at drivers I assumed had been speeding and thought this was probably what caused the accident. How dare they delay everyone’s Thanksgiving plans. Then I saw the cars and felt horrible that I thought those thoughts. I immediately went into internal acts of contrition. Father forgive me for I have sinned. No joke! I felt terrible and was left with the impression of how those poor folks and their families day were truly ruined. I, on the other hand, was fine and my loved ones were fine. Lesson learned! Thank-you-G-d! I offered a little prayer for their well being and moved on. We arrived just in time to unpack our contribution to the meal, share a blessing, and break bread with friends and family. Here’s a glimpse of our feast!

After dinner, we mauled around enjoying the afterglow of a great meal, good conversation, and the grandchildren at play.

This was a good time to engage the girls in a photo session.  Olive and Katia, show your sisters what to do!

Here they are! There are seven of them now! Girl Power!!

Piper Douglas, the newest addition!


Finally, it’s time to try for a family group photo!

What fun shooting these. I couldn’t see, the flash refused to fire, but we didn’t give up. My group coached me along to put the camera on timer setting and run for it. I did and, hey, I got into at least one of these!

Tom and I said our goodbyes and headed home. I was curious to see what I captured. As I was about to download the images from my SD Card, guess what happened. The computer nor the camera would read the card. As I pulled it out to examine it here is what I found. As you can see there are several bent and twisted wires protruding from the card. OH NO! This is why I can’t wait to receive my iPhone X. No more lugging heavy equipment. No more worries that the flash won’t fire. No more dealing with this outdated technology. Goodbye SD cards! Goodbye speed lights!  One of the most important lessons I have ever learned about photography is that the best camera that you can find is the one you have on hand that works to capture the shot.

Obviously, I salvaged the images. I took a safety pin and a needle nose plier and performed surgery on the card. I put the memory card back into my camera and it read it! Download! Whee! Close call. The card must have been damaged already and the quality of the images was very grainy with poor resolution. But, I performed a little post-processing magic in Lightroom and here I am writing a blog about it.  I almost lost not epic pictures, but irreplaceable memories of a really nice Thanksgiving!


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