Lettuce Lake Park – Saturday Morning


Saturday was just too beautiful a day to stay indoors! So the girls and I went on a two-hour hike along the boardwalk and trails at Lettuce Lake Park. We climbed on one of the towers and stopped by the canoe launch to cool off and explore the river shore. The drought has really impacted the park. Large sections of the swamp once under water are now parched and dry.  After our walk, we drove over to the hospital to visit abuela, and then grabbed a nutritious lunch at MacDonald’s, before heading to the grocery store, and target, then heading home to the lake.

For an added sense of adventure, we enhanced our hike with a scavenger hunt. Our task was to find 5 things we had either never seen before or never noticed. # 5, these group of cypress tree roots resembled gnome structures.

#4, Olive found an artified rock hidden in a tree
#3, Ella found this tree with a large abstract heart shaped hallow in it.

#2, Olive found shells in shapes she had never noticed before.

# 1, Ella and I were both surprised to see how dry and parched the park was due to the drought. She had just been there earlier this year and everything was under water, now there is nothing underwater along the boardwalk.

Dry, cracked swamp

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