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I have received requests for more information on the KETO eating method and rather than searching for links at the spur of the moment, I thought the interests in KETO merited a blog post to share what I have learned, as well as links to resources, etc. All of these sites are going to try to sell you something. If you choose to purchase anything from them that is up to you.

This is a good place to start: Dr Breg  Be sure to take the body quiz to find your body style, then explore the site. It provides a plethora of information.

Then hop over to this site and discover Dr. d’Agostino of The University of South Florida. Dietdoctor.

Here is another link to help you understand what you can eat and not eat and what the new KETO BUZZ is all about. It explains that KETO is also called by other names, such as Low Carbs High Fats, or LCHF, Low Carb,  Ketogenic Diet, etc. Keto Diet Guide

It also has a KETO Calculator. Here are my results:

How much should Mo be eating per day?

  • 1342 calories
  • 99 g fats
  • 20 g carbs
  • 94 g protein
Based on Mo’s inputs, we suggest she eat: 1342 calories. From those, 99g fats, 20g net carbs, and 94g protein
More About KETO Supplements: I have purchased the Keto OS orange dream supplement drink from this site: Pruvit . It was expensive but provided me a quick return to ketosis and helped with hunger and sugar cravings.  Here is a supplement review site that might be helpful: Cheating to get body into ketosis
This works on your body and will help your brain chemicals stabilize. My philosophy is that this is a process of retraining your body as well as your mind. So, to help keep your mind on a positive track and off of dieting all the time, I recommend these new books I discovered on my recent trip to St. Augustine, FL.
Author Pam Grout’s book E-Squared. E Squared . Believe it or not, I found this in a second-hand bookstore, along with her follow-up book E-Cubed. I like them so much I bought them both as well as an audio version of her book Thank and Grow Rich.  Check it out here Thank and Grow Rich.  Here is Pam on a youtube interview: Pam Grout Thank and Grow Rich . It’s from Pam’s book that I got the idea to start the Positive Posse gratitude text.
Another really cool motivator is this author: Jen Sincero, check out her book – Badassiery She is a great motivator. Or better yet check Jen’s book out on youtube here: You are a badass
I believe that when the student is ready teachers appear. I also believe that sharing is a great way to be grateful.
Enjoy and Soar!

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