iPhone photography

So I have been really exploring my iPhone photography trying to get it up to that next level as close as possible to my DSLR photos.  I always have my iPhone with me it’s lightweight, it’s convenient,  it gives me ease of access, and I have learned in my photographic journey that the most important camera to use for great photography is the Camera you have on hand to capture the moment. 

Lately as I have been focusing on using my iPhone to snap my pictures I’ve been blown away by the images I’ve captured. It’s amazing but photography really is in the eye of the photographer and not necessarily in the equipment! 

A great well exposed, well-balanced,  artistically creative photograph is about the perspective,  it’s about the angle,  it’s about the symmetry, it’s about the light and shadows and the mood . You do not need a high-end camera or expensive lighting or a studio. You just need your imagination and the camera you have on hand. 

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