Food Trucks

Brief History of Food Trucks

Friday evening dinner at downtown Plant City’s last Friday of the month Food Truck Event.

2017 - 137

What a fun early evening in historic downtown Plant City. A tiny little community with that small town feeling where you can take a family walk downtown or the kids can ride their bikes. It reminds me of what West Tampa was like when I was a kid growing up there. Quaint shops and small unique businesses that include board game rooms, craft supplies, vintage everything, restaurants, pubs and dance and music studios line the streets of this tiny metropolis. A railroad museum and nice open seating make for a comfortable venue. One of the community clubs has their members decorate art rocks, with inspiring and trendy messages then they hide them throughout the town’s buildings, walkways, and parks. It becomes a family treasure hunt event as you look for the rocks on your walk back home. Charming little town.

Dinner with Hina and Azmet

Dinner, an age-old art of bringing people together.

2017 22

Humanity is constantly in competition with itself and this competition pushes individuals away rather than pulling them in. It’s that old Darwinian philosophy of survival of the fittest, which humanity interpreted to mean it must strive to be the strongest,  and which we now know is wrong. Darwin’s theory emphasizes that “Life is a struggle for survival based upon competition”  That competition among humans is responsible for the violence in civilization and the undermining of the ecosystem. We now know that evolution is based on cooperation. We must exchange this belief in competition for a new belief in cooperation. And let go of our need to win, and embrace a desire to share with and learn from each other.  A good example of this is a beautiful dinner, in a lovely environment, enjoyed by a group of friends of various ethnicities, representing different cultures, beliefs, and generations. I recently had an opportunity to experience such an evening at Hina’s house. I’ve posted pictures here of the feast Hina prepared for us. We enjoyed an intimate immersion into HIna’s culture and her lovely home environment. Thank you, Hina and  Azmet for the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of friendship.

2017 28

In this picture, there are an agnostic, Catholics, Moslems, and a Jew. There are people of Indian heritage, Pakistani, Irish, White American of mixed heritages, and a Puerto Rican, Portuguese-Spaniard. We shared an evening of friendship and good conversation with fabulous food in lovely surroundings. Life is good.

2017 29

Around me everywhere there are signs of a world of designed separation. People separate themselves for a multitude of reasons that each person designs for themselves. Each person in this world seems to forget that we are all sharing a living experience that no one of us can fully explain. We should remember that none of us is getting out of this life alive.

2017 26

It seems to me that our psychology is wrapped in many layers of illusions and deceptions about who we are and what we are doing here. Some we inherit from historical family traditions, some we create on our own. We create them in reaction to our fears about each other and our environment. Our inception points of fear enslave us to our illusions. We feel that we must be thinner than, richer than, smarter than, the programmed icons in our minds. We waste our lives trying to reach some imaginary goal of perfection. We can’t wrap our heads around the fact that we are enough just as we are. No one else can be me but me, and no one can be you, but you. That is a very special thing to be.

2017 27


High on my list of absurdities is the illusion that we are separate from each other. We expend immense energy imagining reasons to justify believing in things that separate us rather than unite us. If we only would expend half of that energy in just interacting with each other, speaking to each other, getting to know each other, perhaps we would surprise ourselves at discovering our similarities and admire our differences without fearing that someone is going to win and we are going to lose some imagined position, possession, or point.

Hina’s house reflects her love of family and pride in her rich traditions.

Azmet explained that the original owners of the home were engineers from South Africa and many of the design elements in the house reflect a South African influence.

Our table and fabulous Pakistani style feast that included tunduri chicken, okra, basmati rice, and much more!


And Finally, to end the evening, Green Tea . . .
2017 41

And Friendship!

2017 42