If you know me, you know I love to search for the synchronicities in life. You know, those little series of coincidences that makes magic happen. I believe that belief can affect my biology. There is more power in our thoughts than we know and I try to believe good things for myself, my friends, and especially for those I love.  NIC is one of those delightful synchronicities that I recently experienced.

Meet NIC, a young hawk that I have photographed several times. Although he/she is not actually a Falcon, I am using NIC as the mascot for my spirit animal guide (SAG). It would seem that Falcons and Hawks are related simply because they resemble each other. However, it appears that is not the case, or at least how much of the Hawk DNA blueprint is shared by the Falcon is being researched. There are differences, in size, diet, and mating rituals. Modern Ornithologist, are beginning to separate Hawks and Eagles away from the order of Falconiformes, and adding them to the order of Accipitriformes. Genetic testing has placed Falcons in closer relation to Passerines and Parrots than to Hawks and Eagles. Their similar appearances are attributed to convergent evolution or epigenetics in which the environment makes a large contribution to physical matter.  I hope my SAG (Spirit Animal Guide) doesn’t mind too much being represented by a hawk. NIC is really beautiful and seems to enjoy my hibiscuses. NIC likes to fish, and eat bugs like Falcons do. Falcons kill their prey by knocking them on their heads with their powerful beaks. Unlike a hawk which dissects its prey with its mighty claws. These are raptors! Falcons also mate for life and they have a courtship period before they nest. Falcons seem to be a bit more upper-crust and hawks more of the urban bad boys.


I officially met my SAG during the super bowl 2017 game. I came upon a meditation on youtube. The guided meditation led me through a journey into a forest, down a path,  alongside a shoreline and up to a campfire. The mediation impressed upon me to feel the forest, the trees, the night and peer into the night sky and see the stars and the moon. I was encouraged to experience the sensations of the forest, the trees, the leaves, the sounds, the smells, and the darkness. I was asked to imagine that I heard the water and the wind and felt the presence of someone there with me. I was not afraid. I peered into the darkness and saw a large eye staring at me. Just one eye. I was not scared. I was curious about who the eye belonged to. What kind of creature was this? As I thought this, the eye was zoomed in closer to my mind’s eye. I realize I was seeing with my mind’s eye, not my usual eyes. The eye came closer into focus and I felt it was the eye of a bird. I was expecting a wolf or a horse. The eye kept giving me an impression that it belonged to a bird. It was dark, brown in color but I knew it was the eye of a bird.   At the point, that my guide on this journey was giving me the rule set I would have to abide by, and as she began to explain that I must agree to accept my spirit animal guide in whatever form or fashion it choose to reveal itself to me in, my husband interrupted the session. The Super Bowl was on and he was making rather loud excited comments to me about the teams. I don’t know why because he is well aware that sports do not interest me. That is why I was meditating. I was a bit startled and not fully back from my relaxation session, in fact, I think I fell asleep. I admonished him by saying, “I don’t believe you interrupted my session just as I was about to meet my spirit animal!” He laughed and said are you still asleep? I asked him what do you want? He began to tell me about the teams and how the favored team was being beaten by the less favored team.  I suddenly asked him, which teams are playing? He said the patriots. I thought well that is not an animal, so I asked who is the other team? He said Atlanta. I asked what is their mascot? He looked at me funny and said the Falcon! I said, ah ha!!! That is my animal. It’s a Falcon! Wow! It made total sense, the eye. It did belong to a bird, my bird. I relayed my story to Tom who by now thought I was really out there. But he surprised me by, rather than making his usual negative or disparaging comments, he asked me, did I ever tell you that I raised a Falcon from an egg? I said what?? How have you never told me that story? He said I did, and I named him NIC.  Woo Woo! Oh! My God, I thought to myself, “I have a Falcon as my  Spirit Animal Guide”.  Through the artistry of creative thinking, I wove all these little coinkydinks and synchronicities into a mystical narrative and decided I would name my SAG, NIC! Wow! This is comparable to a Psilocybin mushroom trip only without the mushrooms. Heavy man! Really heavy!

Several days later I was thinking about NIC. I wondered if he/she would visit again soon. I felt NIC with me as I drove to work. I felt like NIC was sitting on my back and that his/her wings were stretched out as if we were flying. Yes, I know, I have a vivid imagination. But it was so cool. I also had this sense of noticing all the trees, and I just felt like acknowledging them. I felt bad for the trees that lined my street because they had recently been mutilated by the city’s tree trimmers, who trimmed the trees back from the power lines by chopping off the branches that lined the street. It made the trees look like their arms had been amputated or that they’d been decapitated. I apologized to them.

On this same morning, about a week past Super Bowl Sunday, as I turned off my street, a falcon hawk flew over my car. I followed it with my eyes and slowed down my car and pulled out my phone to snap a picture. NIC was perched on a tree looking at me. When I focused my camera on him he tip-toed his body around and turned his back to me. I though hmmm. Just as I snapped the picture, NIC flew away. I was sad but glad I at least got a glimpse of him/her. I drove in the direction that NIC flew and followed him/her with my eyes when suddenly I saw that NIC was flying into this large and atypical cloud formation. It looked like the rising sun was the head of a bird and clouds made up its huge wings. The image’s head faced north and it appeared to be flying in that direction. Which in Feng shui North is a good direction for me!


Tonight I was thinking about NIC and remembering that I agreed to accept him/her in whatever form he/she chose to reveal itself to me. I recalled too that last year, after Tom’s last stroke, while he was recovering, I coaxed him outdoors to sit by the lake. I noticed a Falcon Hawk begin to circle overhead while I was snapping pictures and I was waiting to see if it was going to fish in the lake. Instead, it circled me several times, and once tilted it’s body and turned it’s head and looked right into my camera.



NIC had been watching me.

Another time as I was outside enjoying my morning coffee NIC stopped by, although we had not been formally introduced at this time, I now know it was NIC. I got to see him/her up close. I had a camera with me as I often do in the morning specifically to try and capture a few good shots of the local birds that come to fish on our shoreline. This time he/she perched itself on the fence by some of my hibiscuses and I got a few really nice shots.


Meet your Spirit Animal Guide here Spirit Animal Guide

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