Is it too late for America?


I don’t usually like to post about political topics because they usually evoke visceral responses from readers. This is not the purpose of my blog. However, I recently read a post from someone on my facebook feed that really made me want to voice my thoughts on what they were promoting. The post was one of those copy cat posts where they ask you to copy the narrative they are spreading and paste it as a comment, but they ask you to add your name to the long list of names of other followers of the agenda before posting it. It’s a way of advertising their political views. I took issue with it because it just listed a random list of things this group did not agree with. They did not provide a statement of fact showing the party they were opposing’s position on their topics. In other words, they state “I will not work with any party that sells national lands to private corporations to develop for profit.” They did not include an actual case where this is occurring. It just felt like someone read the list and it resonated with them emotionally and they reacted to it by spreading it around. I guess that is a normal reaction, but not necessarily an intelligently informed one. Do they care if they are actually spreading facts or someone’s hypothesis of what they surmise is taking place? And how do they know that they are not just being used to spread something that may or may not be true? There is too much of this going around social sites these days. It feels rather robotic as if the people who agree to these statements are not doing any research to be sure they are dealing with facts.


The tsunami that hit when President Trump won the election rocked a lot of people’s worlds. So much so, that huge segments of the population of the United States are still reeling from the aftershocks with no sign of subsiding. For us women now in our 60’s, who benefitted from the work that the feminist of the 1960’s accomplished for women’s rights, this has been an eye-opening experience. In our egocentric ways, we were so sure that we were safe and that our ideas were cemented by laws that were good. We believed that the rights we won would be protected by these laws from any future challenges that might arise against them. But we overlooked something. There were large groups of people who felt disenfranchised. Among these, there were many women who felt strongly that choice should include the right to choose life. This group did not necessarily consist solely of the extreme right wing conservatives who’s aim it is to abolish all women’s rights to choose or to reestablish their religion as the true religion. There was a large number of moderates who should have been engaged, instead of shunned. These individuals were lying low in strategic electoral states. They were not happy and felt invisible. They were noticed by someone who was able to outsmart the established order of things. These groups were just existing and waiting to be organized and led so they could eventually take over and change things to their liking. No one knew about them because they had all gone quiet. They were flying under the liberal’s radar. But they were there. Disgruntled, conservative, extreme fundamentalist, right-wingers in all their deplorable glory. They were just sitting there feeling ignored and waiting for the right guy to come along and take up their banner. Trump gave them a voice. However objectionable their voice may be to you. And they won! They pulled it off, they beat Hillary and took the prize.

I had lost back in the primaries when my candidate Bernie Sanders lost. I felt the rage, and the letdown, and the hopelessness back then. But I got over it and moved past it. I even put in a couple of hours at a campaign headquarter recruiting votes for Hillary. I felt the hostility then. There were many angry corporate militant type females running around squirting their authority at others. They seemed angry at each other. They were rude to the volunteers. I wasn’t sorry they lost. I had been undecided as to whom to vote for until that day. When I left that campaign office I knew I just couldn’t align myself with this anger and hostility. I voted for Trump against Hillary and in retaliation to the DEM’s rejection of Bernie Sanders.  I just couldn’t vote for her even though I knew the Supreme Court Judges would be pawns in this game. I was also really still seething over the rejection my candidate, Bernie Sanders received from the DEMS and although I do not consider myself a Republican, and was a registered Democrat, this Democratic Party did not represent my me.

Now what? Well,  I have friends and family who are really pissed off at me. They try to make me feel stupid and actually blame me and people like me for anything that goes wrong now.  They’re still my peeps, just a bit hostile. Others like me have not faired so well. Friends have stopped speaking and families are mad at each other. Just how ridiculous is this? This way of treating people who voted for Mr. Trump, for what may have been really bad reasons, are making us understand how he won. The more you try to shut people up, or bully them into seeing your viewpoint, the more you try to use guilt to make them remorseful for their vote, the more they will shut down, be quiet and fly under your radar, and do whatever the hell they will do. You will never know because they will never trust you or tell you the truth of their intentions. So if you are smart, you will give an opportunity to those people you do not agree with to express themselves in an open forum where they will not feel threatened and will feel safe. Or you can corral them into the shadows where they will congregate in silence and grow, until their numbers out number you in strategic place that will make or break elections. The choice is yours. As for me, I stand by my vote and am hoping that things will turn out for the best. I am being cautiously optimistic and will not buy into anyone’s rhetoric to turn me into an anti-American. Mr. Trump is the president of the United States of America until he is not and I will respect that office,  and him as president, even when it is difficult to respect his words and actions. When I do not agree with what he proposes or does, I will vehemently let my opinion be known by using the proper channels of writing to every congressman, senator and elected official or appointed official encouraging them to revisit their position if they are in opposition to my views. Other than that, I will vote against anyone and any law that I disagree with.

Here is what I will not do. I will not align myself with any other foreign nation against my country or the standing president. I will not indulge in self-aggrandizement by disrespecting or belittling the standing president of the United States. I will not work against my country to bring about its demise deliberately or by naivete, by engaging in hyperbole, exaggerations, or misrepresentation of facts because I do not see how this is constructive, or how this will benefit the American people or our country.


I know, the election results have presented us with a really tough lesson that I am not sure has been fully processed yet. Too many are still stuck in the aftermath of the shock. Too much energy is being dissipated on yelling, screaming, destroying private property, pointing fingers, hurling accusations, and otherwise acting emotionally. I would suggest that it be considered that the guy now at the helm is not persuaded by sympathetic emotions. He seems to be driven and inspired by anger. The same anger that drives him can also undo him. His opponents would be wise to use their minds and intellect rather than their brawn when engaging with him. They may just find his quick anger responses may just be his Achilles heel and use it to their advantage.  Protests are good only if the protestors are able to articulate intelligently the reasons they are protesting and connect their objections to specific actions, or statements made by 45 or his designees. This works better than just yelling incoherently and resorting to name calling or making unsubstantiated claims. Media coverage has not been good for the Liberal Protestors, most are made to seem as if they are spoiled, millennials whose life of instant gratification has just been crushed and they can’t move on. The other pivot on this is that the protestors are paid, imposters.

As I see it, with all the might behind the movement against 45, from big powerhouse Social Media CEO’s, and others with big money, and all the Old Guard DEMs with a wealth of know how that can navigate the political circuses of D.C. There should already be target groups set up to monitor everything the 45 administrationors (I coined this word it now exists) even attempts to do. The Liberal agenda should act with the goal to stop or overturn objectionable judicial and legal procedures introduced by 45 that would impact things like immigration, social security, ecological matters, alienation of friendly nations, involvement in wars, or anything that anyone objects to. In fact, isn’t that what our courts are for? These outlets should already be available and the mighty DEMS should already be acting on this as well as mobilizing themselves via social networking and motivating their base. These actions should already be in play. At the very least, they should have plans underway to secure the few DEM senators and congressmen up for reelection. And build from there. Public forums are being used to make political statements but I haven’t heard a strategist with a good plan to turn this around. There are a couple of people I am familiar with that are using facebook as a platform to inform and education on what and how to do and get involved. One is Robert Reich, and the other is Bernie Sanders.

That being that, there is no such thing as being safe. Nothing is assured to anyone. There is always someone smarter at understanding how our government operates and how to work it to promote their own agendas. There is always someone who is up working it while the rest of us sleep. That means we can’t rest. We can’t say “He/She will never win” We can never do that again! Those who said I am not voting for anyone because neither candidate appeals to me should understand that their lack of action contributed to the outcome. Those who chose a candidate over the other because their values could never be represented by the candidate they voted against, should not be signaled out, ostracized, nor should their voice be quieted.  Wake up! Be clear what you are objecting to. If you are indeed proposing that you stand for a free nation, that consists of all people and if you support a government that protects the freedom and rights of all it’s citizens then you can’t shut out those citizens you do not agree with. They must have a voice too.

My passions are ignited by the plight of the immigrants and specifically the Mexican migrant workers. I have family members who married men who were migrant workers. They were not criminals, they were not lazy, they did not ask for a handout. They got up at 3 or 4 a.m. often with their children in tow before delivering the kids to school, to pick the fruits and vegetables that make it to our table. They were hard-working people who came here for a better life. Fellow Earthians that we Americans exploited and now want to blame for all that is wrong in our country. Just as we did to our black Earthian siblings. Now, why? Because they are brown? Do Jihadist and extremist only like to travel via our southern border? What about the Canadian border? Are we building a wall there too?  Oh! do you think drugs do not enter through there? I see. So, Canada doesn’t have a drug problem? Really? A lot to think about wouldn’t you say?

So what do we do about CITIZENSHIP?  Who does America belong to? Native American Indians, whose heritage can be traced to the migrations of the first humans through DNA from Asia. Where? ASIA! Do you know what countries make up ASIA today? Here is a small list from this website: The list state that Today, Asia is home to the citizens of Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Yemen.

Do any of these countries sound familiar? A lot of Moslem countries listed aren’t there? There are other sources that link to archeological findings with grave markings resembling Hebrew letters that date back thousands of years. Then there are those damn Italians financed by the Spanish who brought a bunch of boats filled with horny men who ravished all the native American women. You’ve heard about that, haven’t you? The point is that this entire earth belongs to the earth people. That would be us. Technically, no government, law, police state, or anyone should claim sole ownership of the earth and bar anyone else from entering any land or ocean on it. But, that is not how the society and reality that we live has evolved. Instead of a world of open borders, we developed boundary lines and introduced the concept of land ownership and rulerships. These rulers claimed the lands within the boundaries they set as sovereign nations and they rule it, folks. It’s theirs. They keep it in their family and pass this rulership down from generation to generation. They get to lease bits of it to you via the concepts they introduce to you of individual private land ownership to which they tag fees, taxes, and insurances, etc. They require you to pay, and pay, and pay, even if you are smart enough to figure out a way to pay off your mortgage. You will still continue to pay property taxes. They package the reasons these taxes are required in compelling little boxes of infrastructure maintenance for your benefit. And you agree to it! Because, by god, you are someone now. You own a piece of land.

Now if I, your fellow Earthian, comes onto your property and puts up a tent and squats there, what would you do? Would you kick me out? Would you make me pay rent? Would you not exercise your home ownership rights to get me out of your land? How does this differ from how our government treats illegal immigrants? I mean at what point do we start to clearly define ownership of this country? Any citizen, from any nation, can come here and live? Okay, so what if they then think they want to instill their beliefs on you against your will? Is that okay? What if they believe in a way of life you find harmful, or unacceptable, but they claim they have the right to impose it or punish their neighbors who resist them. Is that okay?  So this immigration question is not so easy to answer. Is it? It’s not okay to just say everyone can come, yes we know  a few radical extremist from all nations will get in, and yes a few of them will wreck havoc on our society, but I am willing to risk the lives of my neighbors, my children, my grandchildren, to be sure those immigration laws remain intact. It’s a lot bigger issue to think about when you consider all the pieces. I am not willing to risk that just so a group of political activists feel empowered and validated. I want you to stop me, and frisk me, and profile me, and inconvenience me if you must, as long as you are doing this equitably to everyone. I don’t believe in walls, but look around you, fences are everywhere. Especially in our most affluent neighborhoods. We fence ourselves in. Is that much different from a wall? Why do we fence our yards? Oh, to keep our animals and children from wandering out of our properties? Or to keep someone out?

Now let’s talk about our brown skinned, sometimes boisterous but really hard working fellow Earthians, who come from Mexico. These people have been working our lands, picking our fruits, and vegetables from the earth and off our trees for decades. Have you ever seen how they do this? Start by watching this:  I want to know what American citizen, is going to run to ask for one of these jobs? What happens if there is no one to pick the fruits? Oh, they rot. That means we just import them from another country like Chile. We will take foreign fruits and vegetables, and even cattle, just not people. Is that who we are?

32112001653_cf47901497_oThat is not who I want to be. So what do we do? How do we secure ourselves, understanding that we will never be totally safe? We will always be vulnerable. But we don’t have to be foolish. We can do what we can to ward off danger. How do we maintain civility between those of us who disagree without tearing our country apart? Where do we begin? Or is it too late? Are we witnessing the disintegration of our country into destruction and ruin? It can happen in the blink of an eye. How much will our differences make to us if we find ourselves in bondage to a foreign taskmaster? Is it too late?



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