The Hungry Moon

February 9, 2017, the eve of the snow moon, the actual full snow moon will take place tomorrow, Friday, February 10, 2017. Tonight’s moon is in the sign of Leo. In my horoscope, Leo is positioned on my 11th house cusp where it plays host to the planet Uranus. For those who do not speak the language of astrology, that means absolutely nothing and you might want to not read any further. For those, like me who enjoy decoding astrological myths and find the coincidental descriptions to a real-time life experience curious, read on. This night’s moon in the astrological sign of Leo is a theatrical moon that loves to shine. Wherever it lands in an individual’s horoscope it will bring an energy of confidence, flair, drama and intensity. In my horoscope, it lights up my eleventh house filling it with dynamic energy and stimulating eccentric Uranus into action. There is nothing conventional about this entanglement. It is electric, unpredictable, and all that brings along with it. Society, social groups, institutions, organizations, acquaintances (especially the more eccentric and unconventional ones) will be affected. What I bring to them and take from them, will feel the energy of this moon. Recently, I have been experiencing a renewed interest in exploring and revisiting the myths I grew up with. Along with strong roots in Catholicism, the matriarchal line of my heritage were naughty girls who dappled in astrology, tarot, runes, meditation, and a reconnection to plants, herbs, flowers, and trees. I come from an ancestry full of rich esoterica and herbology. The old ones, (los campizinos), I descend from were people with close ties to the earth. They farmed the land, milked cows, and raised chickens and other animals for their sustenance and healed themselves with herbs, and shamanistic practices. When tuberculosis wrecked havoc in Puerto Rico, as it did wherever it presented itself. The wonders of science shed light on the dark ignorance of the old ways and continue to shed light on harmful myths.

This poses a conundrum of sorts for me because, although I enjoy the myths like some people enjoy Disney and the fairy tale princesses, I totally love understanding myself through Science, when it isn’t presented like another religion. I am convinced that there is nothing more alluring than the exploration of the mind and an individual’s own revelatory processes. Anyone who read even just a bit about quantum physics can’t deny that it is a strange reality we exist in. Waves, entanglement, existing in several places simultaneously,  Spooky Action at a Distance? A new experiment, conducted by a group led by Ronald Hanson, a physicist at the Dutch university’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, and joined by scientists from Spain and England, is the strongest evidence yet to support the most fundamental claims of the theory of quantum mechanics about the existence of an odd world formed by a fabric of subatomic particles, where matter does not take form until it is observed and time runs backward as well as forward.  In my words that’s magic and this path to self-discovery is beyond fantastic, it is the ultimate woo woo!  Like the appreciation of art or of a good story, or a movie, I still enjoy a good ritual for fun and games and grounding. And, yes, the ancestors survived despite their ignorant ways. Migrating from their lands of birth and settling in urban areas separated them from their connection to the earth and their practices. They cleverly masked their ritualistic pagan practices with the saints of Catholicism and went along life blending their old ways with the wonders religion and science now provided to them.

This moon’s aspects to that Uranus planet in this particular zodiac house of mine stirs all that old ancestral psychology up for me. It’s almost as if I’m being asked to revisit it again. The moon will be engaged in an extreme tango as it travels through a lunar eclipse and a visit from a comet. Great action in the sky tonight!

It may be difficult to sleep as Uranus will have me buzzing with energy. The moon will be engaged in an extreme tango as it travels through a lunar eclipse and a visit from a comet. Great action in the sky tonight!

2017-16Uranus’ placement in Leo in my birth chart, in my eleventh house, sets the stage for my psychological predisposition to explore the woo woo. It’s so much more enjoyable than focusing on the political rhetoric blasting from all of the TV channels and even seen on comedy TV shows these days. I’d rather watch the magnificent show taking place in the sky and somehow weave that into an entertaining story that relates to me.

From a three-dimensional perspective, in astrological language, tonights’ moon aspects will present a creative time to work on my writing. Especially by using dictation software on my computer. Perhaps I will open to the beginning of a mystical journey of self-discovery that I will write about in the future. In general, and in a more ordinary way, I have been experiencing electrical glitches and power surges. As this watery luminary reflects its energies my way. I unexpectedly feel the urge to purge, so space clearing and organizing are on my things to do list for the next two days. My mind feels so much more confident and clear and it’s much easier to control my thoughts and focus my concentration . Especially in meditation practices which I have always found challenging due to my ADHD issues. My recent meditations have focused on unblocking my mind and opening up to the possibility that there are other probable realities that I could be experiencing. Especially, in the areas of my life that I am not happy with. That’s easy to say and from a logical perspective, it would just mean that I should write out a plan, stay on the plan, and get results.  But I wrestle with this nebulous element of belief that I feel, psychology may be able to explain in a myriad of ways but science still wrestles with. It’s not just saying I believe that’s easy it’s really being convinced that I believe that’s tricky. Some folks automatically convince themselves to believe something and they do, and others can’t. I’m one of those doubting persons who can’t just really understand belief. So pipes needing to be cleared has materialized into my reality. I suspect this a not so subtle nudge from the part of my consciousness that knows everything already, to awaken me that there are other blockages I need to deal with. Funny, when my plumber left tonight, I could feel the blockages opening in my mind and energy being released. It felt like when I come home and unloose from the constraints of tight undergarments at the end of the workday. Then slip into a warm tub of water and just relax and feel all of my blood circulating and my muscle tension being released.  In Astro lingo I clearly see the Leo moon energy coming in and calming my eccentric Uranus down so it’s brilliance can filter through my mind in an organized way. I am enjoying the much-welcomed clarity.

Things to expect during this astrological configuration can include computer and electronic communication crashes. (hmmm, like the computer freeze up that shut our office down for several hours, or the reoccurring power outages in my neighborhood??? Oh I know, these are just mere coincidences, or are they that law of attraction thingy???? For the unconventional students of esoterica who enjoy the sojourn on mystical paths. Thursday is especially rich in frequencies from beyond the world of three dimensions.

It will be a great weekend for practicing meditation, exploring intuition and delving into the unknown. The light of the Leo moon shines brightly in the dark places of our minds and our souls. Wherever Leo is in your natal birth chart it’s showtime for that area of your life enjoy it! This is a perfect time to trust inner revelatory processes to provide guidance and motivation. There should be a strong sense of self-confidence and encouragement. Personal Power is strong, and expect the unexpected.

Thursday is especially rich in dynamic frequencies from beyond the world of 3-D. Personal magnetism is strong and the power to attract is excellent. Be clear on what you are thinking as you will attract what you spend time thinking about.

2017-1-2This moon is the Full Snow Moon of the Native Americans, also known as the Hungry Moon and Bone Moon because as the first full moon of February when snow still covered the ground, there was very little food and indigenous people prepared meals of bone marrow soup to survive the long cold winter. This is a good time for restricting dietary intake. It is a time of cleansing, purging, and gaining clarity through the dynamic Leo energy that washes over our consciousness.

The Moon is also going to experience a Penumbral Eclipse at about 5:30 p.m on Friday, February 10, 2017. This means the moon may appear just a little darker, a bit grayer than usual. And we will gradually come down from the Leo-Ego high and gradually ease into the effects of a softer, feminine Virgo.

I was outside tonight enjoying the cool brisk night, and the lake, while I waited for the plumber to arrive to unblock our clogged drain. The moon was mighty already high up in the sky, further east beyond Orion’s belt and lighting up the sky. Apparently oblivious that it was not the actual full moon. It stole the show! I was there with my DF to catch it.


To be honest, penumbral eclipses are not that exciting if you’re just looking at the Moon. The Full Moon really doesn’t change its appearance during a penumbral eclipse.  Sometimes there’s a very slight gray shading on one part of the Moon, but almost nobody notices it.

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