2017-jan-29-30-31-moon-venus-mars-1Tonight – January 31, 2017 –I arrived home after a busy end to my work day. As I parked my car I shot a glance westward up to the night sky. Venus was on fire, spewing starlight with wild abandon. She dazzled me and I couldn’t look away. In comparison, the moon took second-stage. Generating only a thin sliver of light along its lower edge forming an image of a faint crescent moon that reminded me of an upside down cupcake. A closer look revealed the moon’s dark side obscured in the evening sky.

Off in the distance, far, far, far, away, Mar’s familiar reddish pinhole size light can be barely seen twinkling in the background. These three objects are orbit friends in their travels around our sun and tonight they make a distinct triangle in the sky. Together, warrior Mars, the soft crescent Moon, and the brilliant Venus engage in a little cosmic grandstanding.

Just eastward from this location, Orion’s belt is distinctly noticeable. It is a starry, starry night.


A cold crisp clear night like this one provides a great opportunity to view the sky and its multitude of stars. It helps me reset myself and reminds me of just how small I am embedded here in this world. Here on our Earth, a planet that is itself quite small against the vastness of the universe. This tiny blue planet is my temporary home. I take it for granted as I walk around this special place often distracted by inconsequential events of minute importance. Usually, I am oblivious to the epi-phenomenon that surrounds me and in which I exist. Until I gaze at the sky and catch a sunrise, or a moonrise or the setting sun as it wests, or a clear winter sky that unveils it’s sparkly jewels to me. It is in these moments where I become aware of the magical experience I am enjoying. Here where I am living a fragile life on a  beautiful planet populated by angry, carnivores and yet, I manage to survive. It’s beautiful and it’s intellectually magical. I am aware of this exchange between the two hemispheres of my brain. It is aware of the environment and yet acknowledges itself as an individual embedded within this environment in a body that has access to this thing called consciousness. This perfectly designed automaton, able to appreciate the sounds and sights of living is explainable by science. Beyond the mechanics of how it happens, though, the purpose for why it happens is not so easily explained.

My mind’s revelatory processes reject the dogmas associated with religion, science and other corporate structures aiming to promote their agendas or the stories they want to use to explain it all to me. I laugh at them, because I know, they can’t explain it. Because it’s magic!

Gazing at moonstars makes me smile!

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