There are consequences to our actions or lack there of!  

This morning my daughter sent me a Facebook post concerned about what Donald Trump was doing. She tends to frequently remind me of just how awful Trump is. And this morning I felt really bad I voted for someone who had just lied to everyone during his Inauguration about the size of the crowd that was there that night. Now I had attended a Trump rally here in the Lakeland area and I walked away not feeling too good about the fact that he lied to the crowd then. He lied about the same exact thing. He swore there were thousands of people waiting at the gate to get in and that they were not being allowed in because of the fire marshal. This sounded odd to me because this was an outdoor venue by a tarmac with plenty of room for escape if there were a need. Just in case, I told my husband lets leave now because if there are that many people trying to get in, we’ll never get through the crowd. So we left only to find that there were maybe 20 people at the gate all of them easily getting in. It was a trivial lie but a lie nonetheless.

This time he lied when there was pure evidence in the form of video of the area he was referring to in front of the Lincoln Memorial and they did a split screen shot that clearly showed Obama’s crowds compared to Trump’s crowds and it was just obvious that there were not as many people there for Trump, yet he insisted that there were just as many as for Obama, or at least really close to the same amount. This is just not a true statement. Does he think we the people are that dumb?

If he’s going to lie to the American public who is outraged, incited and feeling really insecure and uncomfortable with him, the day of his inauguration,  about something so insignificant, what can we expect when something really important is at stake?

Not to mention the obvious flatline entertainment that he was able to come up with for his inauguration. It was pathetic. I mean the song  “I did it my way” was that the best he could come up with?  It’s so old and outdated and associated with yesteryear mobsters, what was he thinking? Mr. showman? I expected more from him! And then there is the matter of the body language between him and his wife. This is even more troublesome especially watching their first dance.  I have never seen a stiffer couple or an icier exchange between a husband and wife. Considering he had just become the president of the country I would have expected just a wee bit more warmth. None of it was pretty and to complicate things with a lie so soon is not a good sign of things to come!

I almost feel that maybe this was just a game to him in the beginning and then he won it and maybe he’s not sure what to do with it now that he’s got it. Which is scary as hell because his vice presidential pick Mr. Pence is Mr. let me stuff my religion down your throat and his stand on LGBT is very alarming, especially since all links to LGBT have been removed from the official White House Web page. I guess we might as well buckle up it’s going to be a roller coaster ride ahead and we must be doubly vigilant. President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Kelly Ann Conway, Spicer, Mad Dog, and all the Trump Children, we are going to be watching and listening to everything you say and don’t say about the topics that matter to us. Leave Roe vs. Wade alone!!!!!

But what confuses me, even more, is why did we all wait so long to shout so loud? Why did we wait till after the man became president to organize ourselves and to get ourselves down there to the DC mall and put it in his face! All we are concerned about and willing to fight for! It’s scary how stealthily these things happen politically and all of a sudden we have a man in charge who could be very much a mean dictator style president. He’s going to appoint Supreme Court justices who are going to predicate laws that are going to affect our lives, our daughter’s lives,  and our granddaughter’s lives, for the next 60 years. I don’t know what to say

So I am very worried and I am hoping that this is just shock and awe affecting him and that he will recompose himself and regain his control and fix this huge mess quickly! He has to talk to these women. I don’t think he expected this huge turnout.  I didn’t expect such a large crowd. Where were all these women? Did they all vote?  He’s got a problem. And his wife Melania is not helping him in this mess because she’s just not the right personality, not the right image, and not what we want our daughters to aspire to be.

Anyway, this is my response to my daughter’s post: You see I voted for Donald Trump mostly as a protest vote because the DNC turned on Bernie Sanders and I just felt everybody just took it. I just couldn’t understand how even Bernie Sanders just seemed to accept it. Everyone just seems to say “oh well they worked against Us and Bernie, so let them have their way, they blocked our candidate’s nomination, but that’s OK let’s give them Hillary. Everybody now just let’s rallying around Hillary and vote her into office because this is what the DNC wants us to do. And everyone began to work to elect Hillary. Including me. I worked several hours one morning at one of her campaign headquarters rallying votes for her. Up until the end of that day, I didn’t know who I was going to vote for honestly after spending that afternoon at that campaign headquarters with a bunch of angry chauvinistic looking women I decided for Trump. But Hillary did not win. I voted for Trump in protest and because truly I didn’t think he would win I didn’t think he stood a chance. I was wrong!

My response to the Facebook post I received from  my daughter this morning:

Why, didn’t everyone who is pissed off about the Trump win not fight, protest, destroy, hurt, mame or set themselves on fire when U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders lost? Where was all the noise then? Everyone wanted Queen Hillary, well now you have His Majesty, King Trump. To all of those who did not support, would not consider supporting, who blocked U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders out of the race, who allowed the DNC to work against his nomination, and who just stood by and were very willing to tolerate their Madam President because of her Gender, to those Obama supporters who did not show up to vote in this election, to everyone who immediately jumped up and said U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was a Socialist, without considering that anyone who receives a government subsidy, including social security benefits, V.A. benefits, etc. are receiving social services, to all of these I say, stand up and take responsibility for your part in electing Donald J. Trump as your president. You can deny it all you want, but your lack of action helped vote him in. So get over it and start working on motivating your base for 2020!

The results:

She snapped this of her husband and 2 of her daughters marching this morning and it felt good that there are other generations ready to take the baton and March On!

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