Lakeside Kids – Water Play in July

One of the things I enjoy about life on the lake is having my grandchildren visit and watching them engage at play with the other local children. What do you do in Florida on a hot sunny day in July? You find ways to cool off. If you are lucky enough to live by the water, you have a lakeside picnic.

Although the Recent alligator activities keep the kids from jumping in the lake, they Manage to find other means of cooling off by the water’s edge!

It was Olive’s idea to go outside early and play in the water. We pulled out the wadding pool, and the squirt guns, and bubbles. I pulled out the beach mats and with Olive’s help we whipped up a picnic lunch of pineapple juice, meringue cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and off we went. In no time at all Ella and Janet joined us, a little later Aiden stopped by. Olive is a fierce participant in the water play shenanigans!

Mallory opted out of joining the kids outside because the girls had a sleepover the night before and Mallory stayed up all night. Ahhh and the teen years approach!



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