Emilia Turns One

EMY celebrated her first birthday at her new home in Florida, by the pool.

Many new friends, old friends, family and adopted family members showed up to help her celebrate. She played in the water with her big girl friends, Jocelynn, Anicah and Katia.

Mom whipped up yummy peanut butter and jelly, and grilled cheese sandwiches, chips and drinks.

Our birthday girl splashed in the pool, chased balloons, and held her own against the mighty Katia.

Emy looked adorable in her navy and white whole piece swim suit!

Soon it was time for the cake! Oh my! She looked precious in her birthday party hat!!

The Gifts! Emy received wonderful gifts from all her family and friends.

Her her auntie Desiree, uncle Cully and 3 adopted cousins, Mallory, Ella and Olive couldn’t be there because they were traveling, but they asked Nana Mo to pick up something special for Emy and I did!  She also got a wonderful throw pillow for her bed in the shape of a fish, her own beach bag, and a new mermaid swim suit. Oh and a really adorable head band, all from the trendy MudPie Boutique in downtown Lakeland.  Wait we can’t forget that awesome birthday party hat! So appropriate, and just a little bit over the top! I love it!

Maegan made her the most beautiful dress! She used a heart shape stitching on the hemline and we were all drooling over her attention to detail.

Emy, wore her new dress after the cake eating phase of her birthday party along with the perfectly paired head piece Nana Mo just couldn’t resist.

Great Job Mom and Dad!

A good time was had by all and Emy never cried or whined even though she was extremely  tired.

What a party animal!  I used my Nikon D7000 which is my lesser camera but takes pretty good shots. There was too much going on to stop the fun and insist on professional posing, so I just took shots as I could.

Happy First Birthday Emilia Mary Lammert!!


Enjoy the pictures! And thank you Mykel and Dave for inviting me to share this memorable day with you and your family.



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