Vintage Warehouse of Lakeland and Now and Then


Vintage Warehouse Lakeland - 59Finally! I managed to get a visit in to the Vintage Warehouse of Lakeland. Tom even agreed to accompany me, but this just isn’t his thing. It certainly is mine thing!

Oh My G-d!! It was like going to a fair. There was so much to look at! I left full of inspiration, and found a few pieces that really interested me. I snapped a ton of pictures with my iphone to share with you.

I spent a about an hour browsing The Vintage Warehouse and never once encountered a staff member who greeted me as a new customer. That doesn’t mean the employees aren’t perfectly friendly, just that on my visit they must have been super busy or distracted. Well, never mind their merchandise is oozing in creativity!

Vintage Warehouse Lakeland - 1


My eye certainly enjoyed the candy.





Especially all the Artsy Word Signs!

Great Stuff!  I couldn’t resist trying this on!

Vintage Warehouse Lakeland - 19
Always wanted one!
Vintage Warehouse Lakeland - 18
Whoo Hoo, consignment heaven!
Vintage Warehouse Lakeland - 25
Mirror Mirror!

This is now my inspiration for Ella’s Head Board Art! The colors are perfect, except the birds, in their tu’tu’s, are going to be doing summersaults, and head stands!

Vintage Warehouse Lakeland - 30

In the same warehouse district, just next door, I discovered another much smaller consignment warehouse called Now and Then!


IVintage Warehouse Lakeland - 67t is every bit a s quaint and interesting as the Vintage Warehouse and from my brief visit they actually have managed a better quality of stock. Prices on both are comparable, but I found the staff at Now and Then very reasonable and likable people. I like that personal touch!


Wow! I worked up an appetite! Time for lunch!

Finally, I found this brochure at the Vintage Warehouse.

It is full of other consignment venues. Have to plan a visit. Can’t wait to come back and visit these shops!

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