Emilia May 2016

I got a treat today when Des and Cully stopped by with the girls, they brought Mykel and Dave and I got to capture a few shots of their precious Emilia. Emilia is adorable! Nothing like a beautiful little girl in a great big pink bow and an eyelet dress to melt your heart. Thank you Mykel and Dave for letting me capture that little cutie of yours.

I love Emilia’s expressions, the intensity of her gaze and that dimpled chin! In many of these shots Emilia is trying to figure out what is that toy I aiming at her. What fun!

She is such a little character! So sweet.

She is so much fun!  Water play time!

Emilia and mom!

Emilia and Dad!


My Eclectic Lakeside Cottage Style

imageI moved to the lakeside cottage four years ago. It was and still is a bit of an unkept mess of a place. My husband had lived here for over twenty years as a bachelor and when we joined our lives the cottage became my home too.


He and I differ on what is essential in order for a house to feel like a home. I need warmth, color, and vintage girly things. He doesn’t need much more than the lake, his boat, his camera, and a computer so, he can write.

The cottage was pretty much a gray on gray modest cinder block home. It had one functional bedroom, 2 baths, a nice living and kitchen space, and a million dollar view of the sunrise on the eastern bank of the lake! There were splashes of blue and white on the trim work and plain white tiled floors on most of the house. The furnishings were black leather, aged antiques, oriental carpets, and really weirdly bizarre artwork hung on the walls! It was a scary place! Not to mention that the lakefront had suffered a drought for 10 years and was overgrown with cattails and weeds.  Any attempt to introduce new plants resulted in an aggressive attack by the lakeside environment on the plants causing the loss of several plants. It took a lot of care to strengthen the systemic health of new plants before the hibiscus and herbs adapted to the lake.

Our cottage is now a home with two functional bedrooms, and baths. I am still working on converting the laundry room into a third bedroom/studio workspace for me.

It’s taken all of those four years to battle the lakeside environment and Tom in order to begin to Slightly improve this house and give it a warmer ambiance! My biggest obstacle is Tom who vehemently opposes change!

I don’t know if I will ultimately succeed and complete the transformation I envision for this property, or if I am merely wasting my time. I have decided that while I am living here I am committed to making it a warm and welcoming abode to come home to!


Here is a glimpse at my crazy eclectic style! I’ve added color and texture to our living space. There are ethnic finds, my own artwork, my doll crafts, and our photography splashed around the house! It’s beginning to feel like home! The weeds are an ongoing challenge but my hibiscus and herb gardens are beautiful!

Lake Life


Relaxed but tasteful with just a touch of whimsy
Taken by Marylia Garcia 12/19/13 at sunrise d700, manual mode, 28-200 mm, auto iso, lightroom adjustments applied

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