Driving on the fast lane

MOF_0122Just about every morning before I start off on my ride to work, or on weekends when I lazy my way out of bed and slip into the morning, I indulge in a bit of EASTING. That is,  the process of rising. The Egyptians, although usually associated with a culture that was consumed with a fascination of, and appeared to focus on death, actually had no word in their language that relates to our western understanding of the concept of death. The Egyptians merely referred to the process as WESTING and associated it with the journey of the sun as it set, only to rise again. Therefore alluding to the resurrection of the sun, or it’s reincarnation into a new day. It is fabulous to watch all the phases the sun goes through to achieve it’s zenith. It’s colors, the sun flares, the effects of the sun light as it peeks from behind cloud formations are fascinating. I love the flurry of sound and motion as the wild life come alive when the sun begins it’s ascent. This spectacular presentation never gets old for me. All of it fascinates and energizes me.  I have oogles of images of the sun, during various times in the year, as it clothes itself in the most amazing colors, and rises!


From my position on the lake, I do not have a clear unobstructed view of the western horizon —  like I enjoy of the eastern horizon. Catching a sunset is tricky. I adore sunsets they are like the grand finale for the day, before the skies burst forth in starlight.

Usually at sunset, I am on the infamous I-4 traveling east toward home. The sun sets behind me. So, I don’t get to indulge in WESTING very often. Until recently.

I bought this neat little magnetic gadget that attaches to my windshield and keeps my phone held on to it while I drive. This is great because I am usually always misplacing the darn thing. Now I don’t. It’s also easy to select my music, while I am in stand still traffic. The other day I caught a magnificent Mango Colored Sunset in my side view mirror on the drivers side. I was able to quickly snap it because the phone was right at my fingertips. But it paled in comparison to what I caught today. As I was approaching one of many standstill traffic jams on my way home, I felt the sun behind me and it flared in my mirror, yes, as thumb_IMG_1469_1024if it was trying to get my attention. I believe life often does this to us. I literally felt it on my left shoulder.  So I reached up and swiped the phone on, tapped the camera, tapped the lens to shoot behind me and clicked the shutter on the iPhone camera. Bam! Look at what happened. I sang to myself “here comes the sun. . .” and I captured a series of little “now moments.”

These are Decisive Moments along the journey that we get to pick  and decide if they matter or not.  They matter to me. I try to greedily capture as many of them as I can. Whether it’s a flower, a bird, sunrise or sunset, or one of my grandchildren indulging in childhood. They matter to me. Even if I happen to be driving on the fast lane of life. I am forced to slow down and breath in the beauty of the moment.

I got to enjoy WESTING in a very colorful way.  Enjoy! Here are the images I captured on my ride home this evening. Amazing aren’t they?



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