Toona 2 Makeover – Phase One

Our pontoon boat, “The Toona 2” was named after a house boat Tom once owned, which he named after a band called “Hot Tuna.” Hot Tuna was a popular band from 1969-1977 during their rampage years. They resurged in 1983 with a reunion tour and continued playing from 1986-to the present. They were a Blues / Americana Genre and originated in San Francisco, CA. My favorite song of theirs was Keep on Truckin’ .

Oops, time warp, back to today, our boat Toona 2 has been out of commission for over a year.  Tom got a friend of Cully’s to get the motor running. I got to go out with Khris on a test ride. It was fun snapping the shoreline from the boat. I missed Tom and my weekend lunch excursions to the opposite side of the lake. We would park the pontoon in the tall swamp grasses and  photograph the local wildlife, birds, bugs, butterflies, dragon flies, water lilies. There was always something to capture. I particularly enjoy coming up on the herons, great blues, and sand hill cranes with the boat. We would edge close enough to the birds to make them uncomfortable and they’d take off in flight. It is my personal quest to get one of those babies flying towards me instead of away from me.


Here are a few shots of Khris adjusting the idle, while we were out in the middle of the lake. I kept praying, G-d don’t make me have to jump in the water and swim in. She didn’t 🙂 We made it in just fine and Khris had that Honda motor purring like a kitty cat getting their ears scratched. We still need to do a few more tweaks before the engine is frothing out lake water behind her but she was awesome on her test ride.  Here are my shots.




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