Critical Thinking


The way things are in this manipulated reality we all live is not how I want to spend my life on earth.  Everything we come to accept as reality, becomes a fallacy given enough passing of time. Today’s mathematical formulas that explain our universe will be disproved and new ones will be developed, packaged, and taught to our children as facts. 10291327_665889500152205_2925066838548567391_nIf you don’t believe me look into common core! 2+3=5 only if you arrive at the answer by following one specific predefined path. This is a clever way of PROGRAMMING OUR CHILDREN to become OBEDIENT WORKERS while denigrating parental intellect. Our children are being led to think we do not know anything, therefore our influence and input into their development is devalued. This cycle perpetuates itself from generation to generation. Even more troubling is the way the colony accepts this as just the way things are. Individuals are focused on surviving and do not question, challenge, or disrupt the status quo.

10465429_703436013064220_3328885320298816066_oIndividuals are asleep. They have bills to pay! They need homes, cars, and stuff! That is all that matters to them and anyone who threatens their ability to accumulate and compete is rejected or ignored. WAKE UP! The world political systems are changing. Our reality is morphing into a global reality daily! The interests of our country are relinquished for the sake of the global colony. The needs of the individual are relinquished for the sake of the colony. The individual is expendable and replaceable. We don’t count folks!


The total mindlessness we are engaged in is incredible. In a way we function similar to a dumbed down insect mentality with a hierarchy of a single insect at the top ruling over the colony as in the case of ants. 184454_595012540516645_1093142905_nAll members of the colony have their genetically assigned tasks. Some are soldiers, others are workers, etc. Not to dissimilar to the way society works.


Notice that if you are born a worker that is who you are. You may make more money than another worker, but make no mistake you are just as much a worker as the lowly worker ant. If you were born a Garcia, Smith, Brown, or Lee, you can’t be Rothschild darling! They won’t let you. It’s like George Carlin said so well “it’s a private club and you are not invited!”

Either this is merely the natural evolution of the species, or the species has been programmed for this insect mentality response on purpose. Hmmm, who is doing the programming? It is also noteworthy that those of us who notice this, begin to experience a series of unfortunate circumstances in our lives. Mainly relationships, health and finances begin to experience unexpected changes and we become scared. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

GeorgeCarlinAskWhy-450x300There is something going on here, and it has been going on for hundreds of years. So many years that there are barely any humans left on earth that remember things being any other way.



b9624-11023031_1560937394181643_1855270797_nAre we living on a prison planet? Deluded slaves who think they are free because they get a day off here and there. A freeman gets weekends off! Really freemen get a once or twice a year vacation. I discussed this situation with a middle-aged woman who is raising two young daughters alone. She works two jobs to do this and when I brought this up she said, but Mo, I enjoy doing this. I love what I do! WOW! I thought to myself. She was 100% programed. She can not even think about considering that there may be another way. Her perception is that this is the only way, and that she really likes working days, evenings, and some weekends, and spending little time with her children. She is providing them a good home, good education, and preparing them to also be great workers like her, by the awesome way she is modeling work ethics, commitment, and sacrifice. Where is her mind?

1b67955e9a1d660200c1c9ec70c12c03What the hell are work ethics, commitment, and sacrifice but concepts used against us to promote feelings of guilt and make us question our alliance to the colony. Do work ethics matter? Yes but not if it means I don’t matter. Ethics matter only in as much as my interests and needs are just as valued


My grandchildren must understand this! They must be re-educated as critical thinkers and taught not to buy into the herd, hive, or colony mentality! Critical thinkers! They need to master self-reliance! Farming, building, communicating within and without technology. They need to understand the importance of life outside the grid! One day this is going to be vital to their survival. My grandchildren’s generation would greatly benefit in understanding the economics of the colony and the larger global colony so that they can survive within and without it. Understand the art of bartering and alternative currencies. These will be important in the future.

15746469._SY540_Slavery was never abolished, it was expanded to include everyone. It now includes people of all races, socio-economics statuses, educational levels, genders, and of all religious belief systems. They appeal to our appetite for stuff and entrap us with debit.

We come into existence and immediately begin to accumulate debt. This is the planet we were born into, it is our home, we arrive here through some super-natural, force. Sure we all know about the sperm and the ovum and sex, and all that, but that does not explain the emotions, the spirit. Once we even possessed the ability to think for ourselves. What happened?

ChemtrailersHas anyone noticed the streaks in the sky. They are there everyday, and they are taking place all over the world. Has anyone asked what exactly are those cloudy streaks? I’m old enough to remember agent orange.  What about the explosion in technology? Is it really human friendly or a gateway to artificial intelligence becoming humanoid version 2.0. Is this too just the natural, or unnatural evolution of our species? Is our quest for eternal youth, ease, comfort, money, and immortality  leading us to the extinction of our species?



Call me names, ridicule me, but I think about these things because it is obvious to me that something is happening.

It’s called progress, and the need of the individual is 100 percent unimportant in the bigger picture of promoting the agenda of the colony.

Wake up! Remember our history. Those who do not remember their history are condemned to repeat it!


Something has happened. Truth can no longer be hidden behind lies.

By David Icke – David Vaughan Icke is an English writer, public speaker and former professional footballer and sports broadcaster. He promotes conspiracy theories about global politics and has written extensively about them. Here are excerpts from one of his speeches.

“Two old prats have a beef and they send out youth to battle it out. For what? To promote the agenda of the old guard that doesn’t want to pass on the baton. Open the eyes, open the mind, ask why don’t the leaders who start the wars go fight them? What makes them exempt? In days of old didn’t the great kings ride out and lead their men in battle fighting alongside them? Why don’t they do that now? In fact, why don’t they leave their men behind where they are and go to it on their own? Did we not elect the leaders to lead us? Don’t they work for us? How then did they convince us to pay them while we do the work for them? Who has the awareness to say to the powerful ones “go then, fight the battles you have created on your own and get on with it?” 12088121_10153746226324255_3670062853066714282_n

It seems that from cradle to grave the plan is to be kept in that state of ignorance.We constantly remind ourselves we are free. We justify all the crap we go through because at least we are free. Implying that others are not free. Get a job, get married, have children, act normal, walk on the pavement, obey the law, save for your old age, invest in the stock market, buy a big house, in a right part of town, behave, drive in your own lane, and begin to download the same program onto your children before you turn them over to the state, or even worst, the private schools. Now repeat after me, ‘I AM FREE’.

il_fullxfull.271025063Slavery was never abolished it was expanded to include everyone. Yet people go out of their way to convince themselves they are free. Slavery works better when the people are not aware they are slaves. First step of disconnecting from slavery is to be aware you are enslaved. No you say? Do you get up out of bed, if you have one, get dressed, to go report to a job you do not like, but you have to pay bills so you go do it? What do you call this? Normal? Life? The way things are? How about slavery? They are pissing on us and we say it’s raining. Leonardo Da Vinci said there are 3 classes of people, those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those that don’t see.  Our situation is a perception deception. Our perception is programed to see what they want us to see. Perception is the stadium on which the control of humanity is played out minute by minute. Perception is a state of mind and the mind belongs to the state. It is not a matter of what is true that a counts but what is perceived. They sell us protection from the fear they program us to believe and we make stupid people famous.”

Free your mind and let nothing and no one enslave it!   “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping meant.” – Voltaire

7749124A good read! I got it on Audible – The Smart Swarm, a fascinating new take on the concept of collective intelligence and its colorful manifestations in some of our most complex problems, The Smart Swarm introduces a compelling new understanding of the real experts on solving our own complex problems relating to such topics as business, politics, and technology.

Based on extensive globe-trotting research, this lively tour from National Geographic reporter Peter Miller introduces thriving throngs of ant colonies, which have inspired computer programs for streamlining factory processes, telephone networks, and truck routes; termites, used in recent studies for climate-control solutions; schools of fish, on which the U.S. military modeled a team of robots; and many other examples of the wisdom to be gleaned about the behavior of crowds-among critters and corporations alike.

In the tradition of James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds and the innovative works of Malcolm Gladwell, The Smart Swarm is an entertaining yet enlightening look at small-scale phenomena with big implications for us all. (less)

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