A girl and a horse

My granddaughters take turns staying with me. I figured out it’s their way of escaping from each other and not that they find me irresistible, which of course I am sure they do on some level of their psyche.  This weekend it was Mallory’s turn. Ella was on a project with mom, and Olive was picked up yesterday early evening.


Mal and I love being lazy at the lake. As usual,  I managed to let Mal talk me into doing something to her hair. I am sure her mother will be upset. Well, if she’d answer the phone or respond to messages we would have waited for her approval. Not hearing from her must mean it was okay. Right? This time Mal wanted bangs. I did a pretty good job.  However, I used it as an opportunity to ask her to pose for me. LOL! Here are the shots. I am always surprised at how much the girls change from one shot to the next.


Mallory is at that stage were kids are not sure of themselves. Whether they think of themselves as cute or not, usually depends on what their peers tell them. It’s an awkward stage. They haven’t found their voice yet and they aren’t  quite a teenager and not quite a little kid anymore.

We all remember that time in our life where we were dealing with all the stuff that makes being a pre-teen in middle school so much fun.

Mallory looks so pretty in these shots but I bet she wouldn’t agree with me. I am sure she probably is looking up to girl friends who are beginning to be noticed by boys right now.

She made a comment to me that some silly boy said she reminded him of a pelican because her jaw is large. Creepy Kid!


She said she laughed, but I know it probably made her feel bad.


My dear little Mallory, those poor fools may get attention now, but later on in life, things change. The only hearts they may get are ones that are full of poop!


Ha Ha, honestly  this is an image of a critter poopy smeared into a heart on the road. I came upon it as we were walking up the road to see the horses. I believe the Universal source of all, A.K.A. G-d, is always talking to me by sending me signs,  She knows I am not the “on her knees praying type of woman.” So she puts creative little messages around for me to find. LOL! This one says there is positivity in everything, even poop!” I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a photo of it. After all who would believe me?  But you betcha that boy who said my little darling reminds him of a pelican is gonna get a message from Ms. Universe himself!

I hope Mallory understands that little girls like her, aren’t meant for boys who are easily attracted by just any pretty face. She is meant for someone who will always make her feel like she is a queen and treat her that way too. In the meantime, she has a lot of learning and exploring to do that does not involve silly boys and pretty faced girl friends. She’s got to rock the bass, beat the drums and then there are horses to ride!

Girl meets horse!

The lakeside neighborhood horses,

Growing up so quickly, weren’t you just born yesterday?

She is so much like her mother.

I wonder how we never realize how cute we are while we are cute. LOL!




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