2016 – A New Year!

The Art of Light for 2016!


I always feel hopeful and inspired when a new year starts. This one is no different. Tom and I waited for the year quietly at home. I was tired after having worked myself into exhaustion clearing out our laundry room in preparation to re-locate Tom’s home office to that location. By the time the sun went down I was muscle aching tired. I laid in the spare room with my feet elevated watching conspiracy theories on the youtube channel. Man, if you ever wonder if people are crazy, watch some of the crap people post on youtube. You will no longer wonder if people are crazy, you will be convinced. Tom retired to our bedroom to read, but when I checked on him  at 11 p.m. he was fast asleep. I stayed up and waited alone, and watched the fireworks going off across the lake. Here are my images.

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