Poor Porker

My granddaughter, Ella and I spent the afternoon running errands and then decided to explore a new place for lunch that was written up in the Lakelander Magazine. The Poor Porker is new to the downtown area but it got our attention when we read they sell beignets and campfire coffee.


What? Let’s go said Ella. It’s a little hard to find and if not careful you will drive past it. It is directly across the street from the Texas Cattle Company. In fact we parked in their lot and walked across the street. We ran into a couple that was just leaving and asked if they knew were the Poor Porker was and they pointed us to it. They said “you must try the beignets, they are to die for”! They were right!


Wowzer! I love this place. It was like someones really cool backyard! Man oh Man!



It’s second generation hippy. Love Love Love!

Beignet Food Truck!

I spent a few minutes speaking with the person who took our order at the beignet food trucks, whose name escapes me, but he is a Lakeland native returning from a hiatus in Oregon. He was as excited as I was about the cool changes taking place in DownTown Lakeland. I hope some of this spills over by me in Polk City since the College is closer to me. Plant City could benefit as well, one of their local businesses has a kiosk at the Poor Porker.


There is definitely a new vibe. The new guard has arrived and they are full of really artistic and unexpected ways of setting up shop. The young man I was speaking with was telling me about some ambitious plans the City of Lakeland has. They are hoping to form an alliance with the Florida Poly Tech Campus. The hope is that they can attract new tech start ups to the area who will stay awhile. The City and Poly Tech are offering these new tech start ups space to launch from through the campus. The College and the City hope this will generate interest and other businesses to downtown Lakeland.


So far there seems to be a new wave of young, innovative, thinkers who are full of ideas and seem to have no fear in bringing them to life.


By the way, these young, innovative thinkers can be any age folks!  As long as they are able to think young and move forward they will fit in just fine here.


Anyway, if the Poor Porker is an indication of things to come, well then YAY!

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