Campfire Coffee and Beignets in a TEEPEE – Why not!

ERC Photography by 9-Year-Old Ella Ryann

Campfire coffee and beignets in a teepee – why not! Nikon DF 28 to 200 zoom nikon lens, manual mode, auto wb.

As I stated in my previous post, this afternoon my 9 year-old granddaughter Ella and I spent the afternoon hanging out, running errands, and browsing new shops and eateries in downtown Lakeland. We’d read about the Poor Porker in the December 2015 issue of the Lakelander Magazine and decided to have our lunch there. It was awesome. I had a great time snapping my camera shutters.

Ella cooperated for a while and eventually turned the tables on me. She took the camera, and with my direction, took some darn good shots. I am show casing them here.


Almost all of these are as shot. One or two I reset the white balance because in the teepee the light was too orange, and a couple I did crop for symmetry. All in all she impressed me. She balanced sunlight with flash, and checked her results after each shot. She focused well and her exposure was pretty spot on. Great job Ella! I know aunt Rachel gave her some lightroom lessons so maybe we can work on post processing tomorrow.

Below are Ella’s images after my edits. These included, slight crops for symmetry, exposure adjustments to bring in the rich dynamic range of colors, and elevated levels of clarity to bring out the rich textures of the textiles. Considering that these were all taken in manual mode which requires setting adjustments to compensate as lighting situations change, and that she was using my Nikon df, which is similar to the old film cameras, Ella did a stellar job. The different ambient lighting situations required Ella to adjust shutter speed and aperture settings, which I helped her with. She is still trying to understand these adjustments. Ella pretty much mastered focus and basic exposure and composition. She has a good eye!

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