I enjoy a morning routine of rising to experience the sunrise. I call this act of rising with the sun EASTING, as when the Sun Rises in the EAST.  I love photographing  the rising sun and especially capturing sun rays and sun flares. I am energized by the rising sun. This may all be purely a subconscious or psychological reaction, but I am all over whatever makes me feel positive.

The images included in this post were taken by me this morning. Sunday, November 29, 2015 @ 8:13:59 a.m. EST. using my Nikon DF, 1/60 @ f9, 28mm ISO 100


I have a curious mind and like to know things, especially the truth behind the stories history likes to tell us. Recently, I have been looking into the Egyptian pyramids and other monolithic structures. But the ancient Egyptians and their focus on the SUN and the Constellations fascinate me._MOF8518I am baffled at the ridicules explanations provided by Egyptologists  especially in the face of the obvious facts regarding the immense architectural undertaking involved in constructing these objects. I marvel at how gullible people can be. They accept the most ridiculous explanations with out questioning. It is so obvious that  there is so much more to the story. The difficulty in moving massive building blocks of such enormity in  weight  and size, the precise mathematics involved in the construction, (pi, and the golden numbers), and the obvious purposeful placement in relation to constellations in the zodiac is much more than a  coincidence.


It is striking how dedicated these story tellers are in removing any connection to, or influence from astronomy, technology, and the zodiac. I wonder why. What are they concealing?


Little or no attention is directed to the previous  Egyptian matriarchal systems of governing, or the thousands of years of prosperity and peace enjoyed by these people.  Focus instead is directed to  wars, patriarchal struggles for power and hierarchical controls. The main message well woven into the stories the Egyptologist created and defend to this day revolves around  death and tombs.  Yet, there is no actual word for death in the Egyptian Language. They refer to it as WESTING, in line with the path of the SUN when it sets in the west. Thus, in my way of thinking, the opposite path of rising can be referred to as EASTING, in line with the path of the SUN when it rises in the EAST.

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