Waxing Moon Heading for the Constellation of Taurus


Tonight – November 24, 2015 – as I was driving home while it was still light I good see the faint outline of this beautiful moon.  When I stopped for groceries I could see the clouds beginning to come in and I hoped I would make it home in time to capture a few images.  I did! It was beautiful and spooky the way the clouds cloaked the moon. This almost-full waxing gibbous moon will be traveling eastward toward the constellation of Taurus the Bull.


Ahhh that awesome position for the moon. It is the moons place of exaltation. Exaltation is the second strongest dignity. Sign rulership is first. There is a sense of exaggeration about exaltation. A good example is a planet in rulership is like the owner of a house. A planet in exaltation is like an honored guest. The best silverware and china are used. The best food and wine are served, but the guest does not own anything. Deference is shown.

This is the constellation the moon was in on the day I was born. I am very affected by the moon and tonight it felt as if I was being drawn to it. When I got home the moon’s reflection lit up the entire lake. It was lovely!



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