I enjoy a morning routine of rising to experience the sunrise. I call this act of rising with the sun EASTING, as when the Sun Rises in the EAST.  I love photographing  the rising sun and especially capturing sun rays and sun flares. I am energized by the rising sun. This may all be purely a subconscious or psychological reaction, but I am all over whatever makes me feel positive.

The images included in this post were taken by me this morning. Sunday, November 29, 2015 @ 8:13:59 a.m. EST. using my Nikon DF, 1/60 @ f9, 28mm ISO 100


I have a curious mind and like to know things, especially the truth behind the stories history likes to tell us. Recently, I have been looking into the Egyptian pyramids and other monolithic structures. But the ancient Egyptians and their focus on the SUN and the Constellations fascinate me._MOF8518I am baffled at the ridicules explanations provided by Egyptologists  especially in the face of the obvious facts regarding the immense architectural undertaking involved in constructing these objects. I marvel at how gullible people can be. They accept the most ridiculous explanations with out questioning. It is so obvious that  there is so much more to the story. The difficulty in moving massive building blocks of such enormity in  weight  and size, the precise mathematics involved in the construction, (pi, and the golden numbers), and the obvious purposeful placement in relation to constellations in the zodiac is much more than a  coincidence.


It is striking how dedicated these story tellers are in removing any connection to, or influence from astronomy, technology, and the zodiac. I wonder why. What are they concealing?


Little or no attention is directed to the previous  Egyptian matriarchal systems of governing, or the thousands of years of prosperity and peace enjoyed by these people.  Focus instead is directed to  wars, patriarchal struggles for power and hierarchical controls. The main message well woven into the stories the Egyptologist created and defend to this day revolves around  death and tombs.  Yet, there is no actual word for death in the Egyptian Language. They refer to it as WESTING, in line with the path of the SUN when it sets in the west. Thus, in my way of thinking, the opposite path of rising can be referred to as EASTING, in line with the path of the SUN when it rises in the EAST.

Thanksgivings’ Mourning Moon

This evening the moon revealed her complexion to me. All of her blemishes and scars where proudly displayed for my camera lens. I am awed, humbled and grateful to be able to capture these images. A beautiful way to end Thanksgiving Day.

The Last Full Moon until Winter Solstice on December 22, 2015

I shot these images, this evening after celebrating a multi-culture thanksgiving feast at my daughter’s house.  Date: Thanksgiving Night, November 26, 2015  @ 8:00 p.m.


My affirmation for the mourning moon is to shed 30 pounds!

On the eve of Thanksgiving, which was yesterday, Pagans celebrated a traditional and lesser-known occasion known as the “Mourning Moon.”

Mourning Moon, Wednesday, November 25th 2015 @ 8 p.m.Moonrise on Wednesday, came on the heels of September’s “blood moon” and a supermoon in October,  and began at 5:44 p.m. Eastern, is the last time the moon is full before the Winter Solstice on Tuesday, December 22, 2015. This is the shortest day of the year.

The mourning moon, is time for cleansing and breaking bad habits. It is a great time to begin a diet. Guess what I’ll be doing:-)  Wash away the fat from my body! Yes!


Colors: Gray, blues
Gemstones: Lapis lazuli, turquoise, topaz
Trees: Cypress, alder, hazel
Herbs: Thistle, betony, verbena, fennel
Element: Water


Waxing Moon Heading for the Constellation of Taurus


Tonight – November 24, 2015 – as I was driving home while it was still light I good see the faint outline of this beautiful moon.  When I stopped for groceries I could see the clouds beginning to come in and I hoped I would make it home in time to capture a few images.  I did! It was beautiful and spooky the way the clouds cloaked the moon. This almost-full waxing gibbous moon will be traveling eastward toward the constellation of Taurus the Bull.


Ahhh that awesome position for the moon. It is the moons place of exaltation. Exaltation is the second strongest dignity. Sign rulership is first. There is a sense of exaggeration about exaltation. A good example is a planet in rulership is like the owner of a house. A planet in exaltation is like an honored guest. The best silverware and china are used. The best food and wine are served, but the guest does not own anything. Deference is shown.

This is the constellation the moon was in on the day I was born. I am very affected by the moon and tonight it felt as if I was being drawn to it. When I got home the moon’s reflection lit up the entire lake. It was lovely!




NOVEMBER 7, 2015
Waning Moon in Constellation Virgo conjunct Venus – November 7

It is time to sort out what works for us–and what doesn’t! It’s a good time for completing interior decor projects or to treat yourself to skin rejuvenating treatments .

This is a time for clearing out things that are not working for us or we are not using!


Hoping for a colorful sunrise, just as the light of the rising sun began to show at the eastern horizon, I grabbed my camera and went out by the lake to capture the light.


It turned out not to be as colorful as I’d hoped for.


But as I looked up through the tree in front of me I saw the light of the moon over head. I went around the tree closer to the lake to get a better view and snapped this shot of the moon conjunct venus in the constellation of virgo.  The moon is waning. This means it is shrinking. It is called the “Old Moon” and is symbolic of letting go, surrender, release, quiet time, contemplation, and cleaning.

Off topic  – I shot this image at about noon on November 3rd. I include it here because I love the synchronicity it represents to me. It’s interesting in an astronomical sort of way. Notice the geometry. There is a a six pointed hexagram-like flare over the sun, and on the lower left of the image there is a triangle, and another hexagram, all caused by lens flare:-)

Taken on November 3rd sun and mercury in scorpio. Note the geometry on the sun and lower left of image caused by lens flare.
Taken on November 3rd sun and mercury in scorpio. Note the geometry on the sun and lower left of image caused by lens flare.

Returning to the topic of the  sunrise and the waning moon, brings to mind the path the sun travels on the ecliptic. It is presently in the sign of Scorpio. Here is a great map of the constellations, and the ecliptic. The ecliptic is an imaginary line  (the red one in the image below) on the sky that marks the annual path of the sun through the zodiac.

“Zodiac constellations are 12 specific constellations which have been picked because they help in keeping time as the sun passes through them once a year, and its passage within a certain time is considered the particular zodiac month. Zodiac constellations help in representing the course of the sun through the whole year or the calendar. All zodiacs are constellations, but all constellations are not zodiac constellations.”

Read more: Difference Between Zodiac and Constellation | Difference Between | Zodiac vs Constellation http://www.differencebetween.net/science/nature/difference-between-zodiac-and-constellation/#ixzz3qu9Ns8Px

The earth orbiting around the sun. This makes the sun appear behind the constellations. This path of the sun is the ecliptic. Lunar and solar eclipses can occur only when the moon crosses it.


This image and the one above were shamelessly borrowed from: http://earthsky.org/space/what-is-the-ecliptic

Here is a little tidbit about the different shapes of the moon. The word crescent refers to the phases where the moon is less than half illuminated. The word gibbous refers to phases where the moon is more than half illuminated. Waxing essentially means “growing” or expanding in illumination, and waning means “shrinking” or decreasing in illumination.

Moon Lore for fun: The Waning Moon
Waning Moon means the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. This is a time for banishing bad habits, releasing, return to something you did not complete and finish it. It is a time to end addictions and bad relationships. Listen to your intuition open up to your esoteric interests and explore divination arts.

Intentions for the Old Moon Phase – Expel negative energy in your life. Get rid of things you do not use or need. This includes people and habits which are harming you. The period of the waning moon lasts about 14 days from full to crescent.