Downtown Art, Lights, Riverwalk

Designed by: Leo Villareal. The lighted installation on the Tampa Museum of Art is titled ” Sky” it is an LED light program that showcases movement and light in a sequence of patterns created by the artist’s custom coded software program.

Friday, October 16, 2015


After work I met Tom and the girls downtown at the Tampa Museum of Art. We had dinner at the Sono Cafe and then did the Art and Design Tour sponsored by the Architecture Institute of America (A.I.A.).


The tour started at 7:30 p.m. It began at the Tampa Museum of Art and proceeded eastward around the Glacier Children’s museum it  then followed along Ashley Street and westward by the railroad tracks towards the riverwalk.


Our guides drew the crowd’s attention to several large art installations along the way. One particular project is still in process and the girls were able to see the artists working from their scaffolding.  The artist is Bask and Tes One. The piece is titled ” Stay Curious”. This piece is a horizontal modern abstract mural that covers the exterior south wall of the Poe Parking Garage.

The Tampa Museum of Art and The Glacier Children Museum are located across the street.


This piece is a  vertical installation on the exterior wall of the walkway leading to the Glacier Children’s Museum. We then walked southward along the riverwalk listening to our tour guide as she described newly added art features and smartly designed walkways along the waterway.

Our tour continued on the riverwalk, past the colorfully lighted bridges.


We walked around downtown’s Whiting Street and Franklin Street,  to the convention center, past the Riverwalk – Riverwall by artist Bruce Marsh. It serves as an iconic entrance to the Riverwalk and contains hundreds of images of the Hillsborough River.



We continued on past the Amalie Sports Arena to the Tampa Bay History Center, then to Cotanchobee Park and back to the riverwalk returning to the Tampa Museum of Art. It was about 9:30 p.m. when we arrived at our car and headed home. The tour was quite enjoyable and I was really impressed with the way downtown is developing into a walkable community.

A selfie moment for Mallory.

Tom didn’t take the tour with us, he decided to stay at the museum. Here are a few images he captured. Outstanding as usual.



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