Mystical Sunday


Tom and I had a busy Sunday today! We started our day off by indulging in lunch at the Columbia Restaurant. It is one of my favorite places for lunch. I had my usual 1905 salad and a cup of Spanish bean soup, along with a delicious glass of red sangria of course! Can you say yum!

Afterward we drove over to the Dali to see the M.C. Escher exhibit. I was dazzled by his work. He uses a technique  called TESSELLATION, which is a fancy word for tiling.  Here is the official definition: A tessellation is created when a shape is repeated over and over again covering a plane without any gaps or overlaps. Wow! I was impressed. Escher’s work communicates a certain calm within chaos that resonates with me. We were not allowed to take pictures of the exhibit but, I found these images of my favorites of his work online:

We followed the Dali with a visit to the Buddhist Temple in Tampa. This is a place I have been wanting to visit for a photography opportunity. One word sums this location for me: serene.


The Wat Mongkolratanaram Buddhist Temple is located at 5306 Palm River Road in Tampa


By the time we got there we had missed their Sunday Market. It starts at 11 a.m. and is over by 2 p.m. I’ve heard their food is amazing and that you should arrive early because the good stuff sells out quickly. I caught this monk as he was closing up for the day.


There was such a peacefulness on the grounds. A stark contrast to the external chaos  of the city that surrounds this area. It also made the internal noise that resides inside my head quite noticeable. I wanted that peaceful quietness. I wanted to feel grounded. In the hour we spent there, I was compelled to find a way to calm down my pace and my thoughts. I always feel that when things like this occur they are a message from somewhere outside of me. I will call the messenger by the Latin translation VERE REALE – or as Anne Lamontt refers to it in her book Grace Eventually, THE REALLY REAL!  In Spanish it is called “lo realmente real“. It’s the awesome mystery of life, that voice inside that nudges one to pay attention.

imagesI am sure that it is a special form of ADHD that keeps me busy looking for items I’ve misplaced. Within a few inches of movement I can totally loose things, which then throws me into manic-panic mode. This is because my awareness is often dispersed onto several places at once. I rarely pay attention the first time I hear or see something. Usually, my interest is ignited only after a second, and at times even a third repeat.  Like Escher’s tessellations – I need repetition  before I say “hey someone is trying to tell me something.”


That was the kind of day I had today.  It began with the hot tasty Cuban bread and softened butter that accompanied my lunch. The minute I broke off a piece of bread, a thought surfaced from my subconscious reminding me, or encouraging me, to be thankful. I was! That bread tasted delicious.


Later at the Dali, as I viewed Escher’s work and heard his story, again, there was an uncanny feeling that there was a message in this for me.   I was intrigued by the way he marveled at the perfect order in the mathematics of geometric forms. This, even though, he was not particularly interested in, or good at math. He felt that we are drawn to chaos because of a desire to create order. His words: “We adore chaos because we love to produce order.” M.C. Escher. 

When I revisit Dali’s exhibit I find new interest in works I didn’t pay attention to on previous visits. There is so much to take in. I enjoy the humor in Dali’s work.


I know the message on this sign is about the etiquette of respect, but to me the sign communicated more. As I removed my shoes I felt a private invitation to relax. As if someone was telling me to step out of the traffic jam in my thoughts, step away from my stress and step into peace.

Here are my images of our visit to the temple:

The third and final call for me to pay attention came from my daughter who texted me to watch a documentary titled “from Neuron to Nirvana” on Netflix. It was about the use of psychedelics such as psilocybin and acid in the treatment of various disorders such as addictions and anxiety both of which were fully loaded into my my DNA 🙂  The interesting theory explored was that the government and pharmaceutical companies quickly move to prohibit things for which a patent can not be obtained. No patent no financial gain. Since the patents on synthetic  psychedelics (such as acid) are now  in the public domain and organic psychedelics (such as mushrooms) can’t be patented then the government’s response is no patent – prohibit .  I am not advocating drug use. I am advocating that laws should be amended to allow clinical testing of psychedelics. Lets not kid ourselves, Prozac, Clonazepam, Xanax, and other legal dopamine and serotonin manipulators are DRUGS! They are just patentable drugs that are monetized, regulated and monitored as are the patients taking them and this makes them safer. I wonder if the psychedelics mentioned above, especially the organic ones, in a similarly controlled setting where users can be monitored, would not be of equal or better benefit to all those self-medicating patients using them.

Yes, watching this documentary certainly confirms the importance of being open minded and thinking for oneself. Don’t immediately assume because something is “legal” or trending that it is the best or only choice.

Magic mushrooms video worth watching:
The Huffington Post article that appeared on October 12, 2015.

Neuron to Nirvana contains controversial and thought-provoking stuff. I loved it! You know how Netflix gives suggestions of flix for you to watch based on what you just viewed? Well, this led me to watch another documentary about Alberto Villoldo, PH.D. titled Shaman Healer Sage. The message I read into his story was that we can all benefit from a spiritual clearing, or smudging. Guess what I will be doing soon:-)


EVERYONE ELSE IS WAITING FOR ETERNITY AND THE SHAMAN IS SAYING HOW ABOUT TONIGHT? TONIGHT IS A GOOD TIME TO STEP OUTSIDE OF TIME.  A quote from Alberto Villoldo, PH.D, who transitioned from a successful career in modern medical science in the U.S. to study ancient energy medicine of the legendary Inca and Q’er Shamans of South America  He has a book titled ” Shaman Healer Sage” 


The chaos rages on. Peace, like happiness, is a choice. I heard the message.  I will begin to wag more and bark less in my journey to make order out of chaos.


4 thoughts on “Mystical Sunday”

  1. Mo and Tom,

    I just love looking at, reading, and pondering ya’lls artful pics, words and thoughts.. You are such a Blessing to me.

    Love you,


  2. Love the pics!! Love the story/insight… I love the way you capture color, culture and art in everything. Can’t wait to second shoot a cultural wedding with you. Should be quite the experience.

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