Flight of a Crane


It’s been cloudy and rainy most of the day today and I’ve had time to catch up on my art projects that I have not finished.


Every now and then I stop long enough to dabble in photographing an occasional bird that may happen by.



Birds are great subjects for testing focus and my df has been disappointing me when it comes to tack sharp focus.

It is nice to be laid back and relaxed. It’s amazing how much can get done in rest.


Enjoy and Soar!

Marylia Feazel


Story: Cooling off in the shade and drinking yummy cold butter beer while experiencing the magic of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Keyword “Magic”

A good photograph makes you feel not just look! It is not just a snapshot of an image but of a thought. I use my camera as a way to capture memory in the raw and tell a story about a moment borrowed from time. Not a posed or artificially created one, but a real life moment stopped from running away. In my opinion, a photograph, even when posed, shouldn’t look like everyone else’s photograph. When I see a subject through my lens I try to see beyond the edges of the image and into the possibility of the story…even if the story is only in the subjects eyes.