I started this blog to showcase my photography when I became confident enough to consider going pro.  The transition from enthusiast to hobbyist to professional has been an adventure. My exploration of photography has convinced me I want to keep it my hobby rather than my business. I want to photograph things that move and excite me. My images reflect what I am feeling about the scene and my subjects. Tens of thousands of images later I realize I am just as passionate about photography today as I was the first time I picked up my camera and captured my first image. I remember the magic of that moment and I have never lost it.  Every image is special and continues to amaze me.


I intend to use blogging as a way to share my images with other photography enthusiast. More changes will take place here soon. Stay positive and Enjoy and Soar!


My favorite subjects continue to be my granddaughters.  I never tire of clicking my shutters at them. They on the other hand are not as excited to be constantly photographed by me, and the other handful of photographers in the family. This gallery contains a few of my favorite images.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Transitions”

  1. I love your work Mo,,,you are truly passionate about it…but the real love is for your family, and that’s what shows in your pics…xxoo

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