Paper Anniversary!

Paper Flower for Paper Anniversary!

Paper Flower for Paper Anniversary!

Yesterday, May 4th,  Tom and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by taking a drive over to Brooksville, Florida.


We found a cool little eatery at The Hawkins House. The Hawkins House contains two shops and a restaurant.

The shops carry southern style shabby chic folk art and flowers. MOF_8771-2

When you enter the shops prepare to encounter amazing arrangements of flowers and artfully painted “Southern Sayings”. These are cleverly positioned on table tops, shelves and hung on walls. As you meander through the displays on the left, in the rear of the store, there is a great Vera Bradley collection. Towards the middle of the establishment you encounter women busy sorting and arranging flowers. Everywhere is the happy chatter and laughter of women engaged in work they are clearly enjoying.

Somewhere between my excitement about finding this really cool shabby-chic world and obtaining permission to photograph it, I notice the enticing smells coming from the kitchen. Yum! Welcome to Mallie Kyla’s Café`!

This is a delightfully charming little eatery.  Tom and I were seated in a little quaint room that is decorated with old Florida collectibles and historical memorabilia.

Tom ordered a chicken wrap sandwich and I had a tuna on rye with cucumber slaw and, what else — SWEET TEA!  Yummy! After lunch we headed to the Saxon house to enjoy some photography.

Saxon House Wedding and Event Venue

The Saxon house is a local wedding and event venue. It is that kind of southern victorian style of architecture that we both love and we spent quite a bit of time clicking our shutters there.

Later we took a drive through downtown Brooksville which is the location of the annual blueberry festival. Tom wanted to  take a few pictures of the courthouse. While he was doing that I took a quick walk down the block and captured a few cool messages from the universe type of art that I found in window displays. Wow! I’ve been practicing listening for messages from spirit and looking for omens! There they were waiting for me to find them. I love when that happens.

Next Tom wanted to find a road he knew about that had trees that grew together to create a canopy over the street. Along the way we found some old bungalows that were pretty deteriorated but priceless to shoot . It is sad to see so much potential go to waste.  Nonetheless, the houses still have so much charm! I find them architecturally interesting in a whimsical kind of way.  Enjoy and Soar!

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