Lakeland Skyline at Night

Evening in Lakeland
Evening in Lakeland

A surprising an picturesque lake walk greets visitors in downtown Lakeland. The design and placement of the lights add a hint of nostalgia and reflect dreamily on the lake. The lake front felt pleasantly moody to me, and I couldn’t help shooting it with that in mind. Later I manipulated the photo to achieve the Flamingo Pink haze that adds a romantic feel to the image. I love the finished image. In one of the galleries below are other shots from the this session.

Tom and I enjoyed a nice steak dinner accompanied by a bottle of pinot noir at the Texas Cattle Company.

More night photography images.


Afterwards we indulged in a bit of nighttime photography. Tom recently acquired a Nikon D800E which has awesome low-light capabilities.  I challenged him with my Nikon D600. I haven’t seen Tom’s images yet, but I am very pleased with my shoot!

The night was clear, and the Christmas tree was already up with it’s many sparkly lights.


This presented a perfect opportunity to try out the new color balancing techniques I was reading about. It is a technique based in a system used by the old renaissance painters, like Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, etc.


They utilized color in complimentary ways that illuminated their work. The same theory can be applied to photography by manipulating individual color channels using levels and curves. I was using a tripod with remote trigger but the infra red trigger didn’t work well at night and I had to manually fire the camera which gave me a bit of camera shake and blurry images. I wound up with a few great bokeh effects from that experience.   Very surreal and dreamy.

Another element in this technique is the abstraction of reality.  The unexpected surreal touches created from the camera shake resulted in surprising images. These images were a result of my auto focusing trying to achieve focus, and extremely wide open aperture settings to capture an exaggerated bokeh effect.

Evening in Lakeland

Enjoy and Soar!

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