Great Day for a Wedding

The Moon was in Cancer, the Sun and Mars in Taurus, and Venus in Gemini; it was a great day for a wedding!

Tom, with this ring I . . .
Tom, with this ring I . . .

Yes we did it!


Tom and I decided in February that we wanted to make it legal.

Sunday, May 4th was the chosen day because it fit into our schedules.  We didn’t want anything fancy, in fact, we seriously thought about just going somewhere by ourselves to make it official and then tell everyone afterwards.

I told Cully first and swore him to secrecy.  I told Desiree the next day and she insisted we had to have a wedding celebration. She then proceeded to manage the entire event. I expressed to her that I wanted it to be a relaxed but tasteful celebration.  It was important to both Tom and me that it be a very private affair. She did a terrific job creating a fabulous day for us! I can’t say enough wonderful things about the day.

Desiree recruited Susie, her mother-in-law, and together they created a lovely wedding for us.  They brilliantly thought of many ways to include features that are important to Tom and me.  We wanted a ceremony out in the middle of Lake Agnes to exchange our vows and the simple silver rings we chose.  Susie happened to be a notary and agreed to officiate.

We got it.

Cully and Des onboard Toona 2
Cully and Des onboard Toona 2

Desiree, Susie, and Cully transformed our modest lake house into a very special place with design elements inspired by our lakeside lifestyle.  Sea shells, starfish and a handmade runner with blue nautical strips decorated our table. Nautical symbols created interest and added an eclectic flare to the decor.

Susie made the fabulous runner and found adorable silver anchors with blue tassels that she used to tie the linen napkins. The anchors doubled as favors for our guests. Genius!



The same nautical elements were also incorporated into our wedding cake and the cake topper.


Des and Susie attended to little details that really added to the ambiance of the day. Des even thought to set up a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket on a silver tray with champagne flutes for the post-ceremony toasts on the boat. She instructed me to spruce up the boat with the throw pillows and nautical themed towels we had purchased and had me display a life saver that welcomed everyone aboard. The pontoon looked seaworthy down to the weathered lanterns decorating its deck.

Post Ceremony champagne toast onboard the Toona 2

Dishes filled with brightly colored foods were positioned on the counter top of our bar for our guests to enjoy.

Neither Tom nor I drink more than an occasional glass of wine or a cold beer, but back in the day, Tom’s drink of choice was a dirty martini made with his favorite brand of gin, Bombay Sapphire. Desiree set up the bar display to feature the gin. Its’ beautiful sapphire colored reflections sparkled from our seamless stainless steel circular countertop.

Tom's Drink of choice back when he did drink.  Martini's anyone??
Tom’s Drink of choice back when he did drink. Martini’s anyone??

Cully was assigned the task of bartending and became very creative even concocting his own martini “The Cully Bear” a cranberry dirty martini with maraschino cherries instead of olives. It was delicious! I managed one drink.
The Drinks 

Lots of sweet desserts and fresh berries greeted our guests at every turn.  Delicious lemongrass and hibiscus tea flowed freely from an outdoor drink station setup outside.

Ella and Mallory added a few design details of their own. They decorated our initials with sea shells and attached ribbons for displaying on our walls.


The girls both accompanied me on several shopping trips and helped select the throw pillows and towels and took on other tasks in the pre-wedding day preparations.


Just before heading to the boat, I struggled to get a red hibiscus to stay in my hair. Angie asked if I wanted to wear one of her tiaras. She just happened to have one in the car.  It worked great to hold the flower in my hair and it added a bit of whimsy to the day. The kids got a real kick out of me wearing the tiara.


Everyone arrived right on time and at about 12:30 p.m. accompanied by our daughters, Desiree Lamb and Angela Feazel Mattke, her husband, Mark Mattke, and  four of our five grand-children  Ella Collert, Mallory Collert, Morgan Mattke, and Wolfgang Mattke, we set our course for the middle of Lake Agnes.


My fabulous son-in-law Cully Lamb wanted to stay behind with his dad Joe, and our youngest grand-daughter Olive Lamb. Cully claimed he had last-minute chores to prep. I think he didn’t want to chance the boat getting stranded with Olive onboard!

Olive Lamb
Olive Lamb

The Rings

The Ceremony

Susie sharing a bit of Polk City history!
Sealed with a kiss!
Sealed with a kiss!

After the ceremony we leisurely cruised back to shore to share the simple but sumptuous luncheon waiting for us on land. The menu consisted of chopped barbecued pork and sides from Peebles restaurant which is one of our favorite local eateries in Auburndale. Our vegan guests enjoyed fresh cooked corn on the cob and a cold quinoa and spinach dish that Susie whipped up.


It was all about being together and being able to share our special moment with the people we love. What a perfect opportunity for our children and grand-children to become acquainted! We were pleased to have a chance for family group photos.


Photo station remote control selfie by me

Tom’s grandson Wolfgang, is a most endearing young man. He is so confident and helpful, without any warning we asked who would volunteer to be our photographer and he stepped up without hesitation. We put a Nikon D300 semi-pro Dslr in his hand and he proceeded to capture beautiful moments for us. Thank you Wolf! We were all quite impressed with Wolf.


Angie is fun! Morgan is adorable and we hope to see more of them. Angie brought Tom and me gifts. They were two gorgeous kimono style robes. Mine was from Japan, and Tom’s was from China.  Pictures of us in our robes are coming her way!


Tossing the bouquet!

Ella, spent the night with us and helped clean and organize the house to receive our guests. She kept insisting that I do the traditional throwing of the flowers. I was busy and kept saying to her “okay I will”.  As we kept getting closer to the event, she kept reminding me that I had to throw the flowers so someone could catch them. . . it turned out to be her. Honestly and with no pre-planning, she caught them!


Mallory was not pleased she didn’t catch the bouquet and went off onto the boat and found some flowers of her own. She then proceeded to prance around with them. She is adorable. I have such incredibly funny granddaughters. Too bad Angie and family missed the toss. They had to scurry off to catch a flight back home.

Group Shots

DSC_1941 DSC_1956 DSC_1971 DSC_1974 DSC_1974-Edit DSC_1975 DSC_1979-Edit DSC_1980 DSC_1981 DSC_1983

Gosh! There is so much I can say about our special day, but I know everyone is waiting to see pictures. I will probably edit this post several times as I remember things I forgot to mention. Mostly I can’t say often enough how proud I am of my daughter, and how special she made us feel. She is so very creative, attentive, caring, MY GOD! Only mothers will know what I mean when I say “my sweet adorable three-year-old is back.”  I love you Desiree!

Here are a few more details

The Bride’s bits

Des, Olive and I went shopping several weeks ago to find a wedding dress. I wanted something blue, nautical, and retro. I found the adorable swing dress. It was blue with small white polka dots. Perfect! The red hibiscus brought it all together.

The babe!
The babe!

The Groom’s bits


Most treasured attire, his coat and tie!


Random shots!

Special moments are made of this . . .

It’s never too late . . .dream on!

Cast of Characters

Tom Feazel – the groom

Angie Feazel Mattke – Tom’s daughter

Mark Mattke – Angie’s husband

Wolfgang Mattke – Tom’s grandson

Morgan Mattke – Tom’s granddaughter

Mo Garcia – the bride

Desiree Garcia Lamb – Mo’s daughter

Cully Lamb – Desiree’s husband

Mallory Collert – Mo’s granddaughter

Ella Collert – Mo’s granddaughter

Olive Lamb – Mo’s granddaughter

Susie Jamksy – Cully’s mother and our officient

Joe Jamksy – Cully’s Dad

Toona 2 – Our Pontoon named after a 60’s  blues band called Hot Tuna, which was a spin-off of the Jefferson Airplanes. Tom’s house boat was named Tuna, our pontoon is the Toona 2!

After the festivities began to wind down, Tom and I left for an overnight get away to the Terrace Hotel.

Des, Cully, Susie, Joe and the kids stayed and played on the pontoon and went swimming in the lake. They left our place immaculate! Thanks guys! You didn’t have to do that but we sure appreciated it!


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