Practice, Practice

This is the final Image after my PSCS6 edits:

Cross Process Cold Tone
Cross Process Cold Tone

I am fascinated with what you can do to a digital image in PSCS6 (Adobe Photoshop). Wow! I recently had my picture taken by our school photographer, who does an amazing job on the pictures of our very young students. She sent us the proofs of the images she had taken of us adults and I looked ghastly! All of her photography skills were executed correctly, the image was properly exposed, excellent focus, and she captured a wonderful pose. If I critiqued anything it would be her choice of background colors and the way she set up her studio lighting. Photographing adults is a bit trickier than photographing young children who have no lines, wrinkles, sags, or bags under their eyes:)

Proof of original image taken by school photographer
Proof of original image taken by school photographer

Anyway here is the original image taken by our school photographer. I won’t mention her name here, because to be fair she is an excellent photographer who does an outstanding job and it is not my intention to take anything away from her work. I used this image because it provided me an excellent opportunity to practice my photo shop skills.

The image I use in each of the pictures included in the gallery below, reflect the following edits:
Cropped the image
Changed the background color
applied a sharpening and blurring filter to soften the skin and even the tone
lightened the image
removed lines and bags
softened laugh lines
shortened the nose
enlarged the pupils
tightened the jawline
darkened the lipstick
removed blemishes
thickened the hair
then applied a different filter affect to each version to change the color of the final image

This was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit.

Here is another Gallery: These images are of Cindy.

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