Albuquerque in October

I get so excited when my plane begins its descent into Albuquerque and the ridge of the Sandia’s become visible from the east.

8120995389_1afa315a95_bThe green side of the mountain8121150794_7798a4f25c_b8121107375_45786ff2da_bThe Brown Side of the Peak 8111391367_7a3906d2ce_b

That side of the mountain is usually green and this time of year it’s the evergreens that cover its rocky surface.8121094655_4016002a96_b


As the plane continues over the peak the desert side of the Sandia mountains greet me in all their rich-amber-colored glory. .


Just past the crop circles and beyond the flat desert plain the city of Albuquerque comes in to view. Where Buffalo Once Roamed

8121178964_debbf9acc8_bAlthough I’ve never lived here, I always feel like I’m home when I come down from the clouds. I’m home because this is where the bulk of my family lives. 


My daughter greets me at the airport and we chat on the short drive to her house. She looks great just 2 month after giving birth to my 3rd grand daughter. My son-in-law, Cully, aka, Papa Bear! Cully didn’t want me to see Olive for the first time in a car seat or baby carrier so the girls are waiting for me to arrive at home. I suspect that it’s more about not wanting to pack a baby carrier, car seat, and the entire family in a small car. Where would my bag and me fit.

nana and mal8114490166_046d68eeba_bWhen I arrive my two older girls run out barefoot to greet me and after lots of hugs and kisses they grab my bags and we go inside.

There in her daddy’s arm is our new baby Olive.

P1100780 P1100781 P1100782 P1100784

I am amazed at how gorgeous she is because not one of the pictures I’ve seen have done her justice. P11006221

I am in instant love. Not 30 minutes go by that I don’t whip out my camera and start shooting.

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