Nikon or Canon or Panasonic?

Full frame, DX, or micro 4/3?? Oh My!

I’ve written elsewhere on this blog that I cut my photographic teeth on a Limux G2 with a Leica lens. I stumbled through most of my learning curves on the G2 unfairly blaming my lack of skills on limitations I stubbornly projected onto it.  Tom and I eventually upgraded to the G-3 when it arrived on the scene. It’s another fine camera! We went for the upgrade mostly for it’s 16 mega pixels. At the time we were banking on the mega pixels improving our shots. I took the images below this weekend to test out the G3 camera before I gift it to my daughter.  Again, I hadn’t used it in over a year and it was easy to use. I think my daughter will get a lot of use out of it, especially with Olive, our new grand baby recently added to our family.

The images posted above were taken Sunday, October 6, 2013 using the G-3.

Truth be told, the g2 is a fine camera. This $800, 12 mega-pixel camera can hold it’s own against the Canon70D and is every bit as good as the D300 Nikon I eventually upgraded to. I gifted the g2 to my daughter and while visiting her in Albuquerque, I used it to photograph my grand daughters.

I was literally blown away by the images. They were gorgeous! When I took these I had not used the G2 in several years. Yet, the ease of handling this camera made it a cinch to revert to using it in this situation.

It's not the camera or lens, it's the photographer and the light.
It’s not the camera or lens, it’s the photographer and the light. Taken with my iphone 4s on board a moving boat.

Its taken 2 years for me to understand that it isn’t the mega-pixels and it isn’t the camera brand that allows you to capture gorgeous images it’s your eye and the light. In my opinion lens are much more important than the camera body. You can get away with a mediocre camera body if you have good-fast-glass and know how to use light.  My next investment in camera equipment will be on lenses,  the kind I call FAST GLASS!


A most important thing to learn in photography is understanding light and how to use it. With natural light there is a golden hour, it is the time that begins a few minutes prior to and throughout the duration of the sunrise and sunset!

I don’t go after a certain feel, or look in my photography. I go after a certain light.


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