Moon Light

Thursday, September 19, 2o13 – Moon in Pisces, dramatic and nebulous.

Beautiful and Mysterious. . .a dark beauty!

As I view the moon through the view finder on my nikon d7k a sense of wonder about the nature of who I am and the fascinating world I find myself in sparks. It is as if the proverbial “I am” calmly directs my eyes to see the beauty in the darkness. An awareness of privilege is birthed in my mind and I know I am observing something otherworldly. A moment of dazed amazement settles within me as cerebral processes reconcile a vague understanding that we’re all united in some inexplicable way.

These images I compose in my camera reveal the beauty in the dark night. The noise from the lake creatures grows louder. An occasional splash gets my attention for a brief second, then I return to the view finder in my camera. It’s Thursday, September 19th 2013, and on this night, the first night of the full moon, it is not visible from my vantage point in the yard. It is just beyond my view, hidden by the trees. Yet it’s illumination reaches into the darkness and reveals the dark lake in a way not often seen. The lake is framed by shadowy vegetation and bejeweled with the faint colors of neon lights. The clouds appear soft, ethereal and bright against a lighter grey-blue sky. From my position on our dock a thicker and amber-colored cloud creates a canopy over me. Like a Sukkah full of mysteries and gifts yet to be revealed. This is a Pisces full moon and I am responding by taking off on an imaginative photographic journey.


Friday, September 20, 2013 – The Moon has moved into 8 degrees Aries and is Rising over Lake Agnes.

MOT_9681I like to wake up early to catch the sunrise but this evening we got home from dinner in time to see the full moon rise over Lake Agnes. Aries is referred to as the infant of the zodiac. Perhaps because it is the first sign. I think that Aries can represent immaturity and the fixation on self gratification. I know it can also represent clarity as in KNOW THYSELF.  This moon shines brightly against a clear blue sky unimpeded by nearby clouds, or neon lights below. It rises above and shines it’s light.  It’s message to me is KNOW THYSELF and WHAT YOU WANT out of life. With knowing myself comes understanding I can choose. I can choose to see beauty, and to be happy, or I can become distracted by the lower lights or nearby clouds.


It is a whole new side of beautiful. The lake under the light of the full moon reflects the dark side of its beauty. Iridescent hues of light streak its’ surface silhouetting the shoreline and our dock.


The red light on the water tower across the lake is dwarfed by the full moon. A lone cloud  can be seen on an otherwise clear sky.    There are no creatures of the night other than the creatures that are singing and dancing to the light of the moon.  Dark does not mean anything occult or evil, it isn’t bad.MOT_9688Like looking from the outside in. It’s different. It makes me think about what I can’t see and do not understand. In darkness I meet my insecurities and fears. An experience decidedly uncomfortable like pronouncing a diphthong. This poignant glimpse of dark beauty has left me feeling inspired.

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