St. Augustine


It’s  Saturday evening, we’re in Tom’s Cadillac driving down King’s . All around us there are people engaged in having a good time. Young couples walking hand in hand enjoying each other and the night. Others scurrying to happy hours in bars and taverns everywhere.  It’s dinner time in the small town. All the eateries are full, parking is scarce and people are walking.  The town is buzzing with action. I remember why I like this little town so much. It’s not only rich in history, surrounded by wonderful water, but it’s fun.  Fun is the best way to describe the historic district of St. Augustine, and Anastasia Island.


We stayed in a bed and breakfast on Cordova Street in walking distance to everything we wanted to see.

Standing on the stairs of the inn, to the Right is the way to the Columbia Restaurant, Flagler College, Flagler Memorial Church, the Lichtner Museum area, as well as shops on Hypolita Street, Scarlett O’Hara’s place, and the Rhett Butler Piano Bar.  To the Left is the way to the Ghost Tours, shops on St. George Street, the pirate museum and the Fort. We walked everywhere in St. Augustine. That’s what makes this such a cool place, it is all walkable.

It was so relaxing getting up and knowing we had breakfast waiting at 9 a.m. in the main house. Our room was the garden room located on the side with it’s own entrance from the parking lot. We really enjoyed this because it was much more private. The walk to the main house dining area was just a few steps up the front porch. Our room key unlocked the front door and gave us access to refreshments in the afternoon. After breakfast, I enjoyed the morning breeze from the bistro on the front yard.

One of my favorite places to photograph when I visit St. Augustine is the old Fort. Something about the fact that these structures have been around for so many years appeals to me. I  visualize in my mind what it was like so many years past as different generations of people strolled on these same streets. It all looked different then, each decade since has brought its own trends and styles, its own particular brand of issues, and pleasures. Yet, the energy of the area remains. It’s exciting, relaxing, and fun! Laid back with it’s own pace of hectic.  A Town waiting for new stories created by it’s many visitors to add to it’s rich history.


I have my own contribution to St. Augustine’s stories. Each time I visit I build on my experience and deepen my relationship with the quaint and nautical city:)

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