Come Flying Away With Me

P1050091 I live here! Uhhh, okay on the Western shore of Lake Agnes, which is left of where my finger is pointing:)

I was sitting, okay, actually laying on my leather couch, wallowing in a not so private pity-party thrown to commemorate feeling, low, left-out, dejected, and pretty much blue over not getting to meet my new granddaughter. Then a text exchange with my poor, just-pushed-out-another-8-pound-baby-girl-daughter, left me feeling bitched-out. Yes, Mo does have a fragile under-belly! Don’t you??? If you don’t, you must be a crocodile, although, even they have a fragile under-belly! Anyway, as lunchtime approaches, Tom goes into his usual banter about our lunch options. Now, mind you that we just spent the afternoon in Mount Dora yesterday, at their Street Palooza. Then on the way home we were caught in a torrential rainfall that grayed-out the highway making it impossible to see the vehicles in front of you–very stressful! Add to this that I already drive two-hours- five-days-each-week-to-and-from-work, and a road-trip just to get some lunch was not sounding appealing to me. But flying, well now your speaking my language.


Tom suggested we drive a short distance across the Lake and have lunch at Fantasy of Flight. We did just that and as we were approaching the entrance, I said to Tom, look at those cute little planes. To which Tom replied, yes those are the planes they take people up in. I said, they take people up? I have to go up then. Tom said “well if you really want to, go on then and do it”. I said I will, give me your credit card please:)

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