Things that Fly in Our Front Yard

This weekend has been an exceptionally good shooting weekend. Although we hung out around the house most of the day Saturday, it still turned out to be a productive shooting day. This was my Saturday pampering day, after returning from Auburndale I stopped off at Lowe’s to buy a few gardening supplies. As I turned onto Lake Agnes Road, I came across a turtle hurrying across the road. Of course I stopped to shoot it!

When I arrived home I was happy to see John, his nephew Paul, and a third crew-member busy working on gathering the debris from last week. They burned most of the stuff and then hauled it off, only to replace it with more aquatic vegetation from their second phase of lake clearing. This is going to be a long process!

Soon the lake became unusually busy with boaters pulling kids playfully on rafts, and airplanes launching from the lake. The hornets became excited and actively chased each other. They left me alone, it seems they too have accepted me as a necessary annoyance in their environment. The dragonflies were all in an uproar over the flames and were scurrying around all over the place. It seemed everything was flying around.

This Sunday morning we had a small green visitor stuck to the glass in our living room. We shot him over coffee LOL! Here are Tom’s images of our Froggy visitor-

The morning was hot, damp, and steamy, as is usual in Florida at this time of year. I like the early morning, with its soft light. Sometimes a low cloud gives the appearance of steam coming from the surface of the lake.

It’s my favorite time to view the Hibiscus while they are still asleep and their pretty petals have not yet unraveled . The morning dew crystallizes on the pads of their stamen. In the morning light they glisten like jewels. I love watching them as they open up to the sun. What a lovely way to welcome the day.

Once the sun was fully out, we quickly took our morning showers, backed up our photography gear, a small lunch bag with hydration, and snacks and headed out to Kissimmee State Park. On the way we drove through the charming historic district of Lake Wales, and other scenic spots on HWY 27.

Tom really enjoys doing wide angle shots and he really captured great perspective shots. Tom’s images are always well planned. He puts a lot of effort and thought into his compositions.

I get bored with landscapes, unless they are really unique. The woods are always interesting, and this park had the best spots for portraiture. Not having a model, I used myself.



Here is the Gallery of my self portraiture shots:

I am really pleased with these. I captured the light, great exposure, and my outfit pops against the natural greens of the woods. I captured the exact feeling or mood I wanted, a hot summer afternoon in Florida. I was after that old Florida feel, and all I needed was a watermelon, and the lake.

Now, here are the shots Tom took of me on a bench I discovered on the side of the road as we left the park. These, in my opinion, are the bomb. Great shots Tom, that’s why I love him:)

So we had a picture perfect weekend filled with good food, good wine, & great shots!



And finally, Tom ended the evening by capturing the evening sky in silhouette



Good Night, Happy Adventures!


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