Lake Clearing Crew

Meet my lake clearing crew, John Everett and his nephew, Paul. These two guys are the hardest workers I’ve seen in a long time. John is not a young man, but I bet he can out-work many 20 something dudes. Amazing work ethics! People who work hard and keep their word truly amaze me. I just don’t find too many people like that anymore.

Now I sound like my grandmother – LOL!

My hibiscus were adorable this morning and I gave in to the urge to take yet more pictures of them:)

I encountered this angry little guy flying around my Curly Leafed Philodendron. He was upset, but made no attempt to sting me, instead, I think he actually enjoyed posing for me . . .LOL!

I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I actually think my Yellow Hybrid Hibiscus may come back. The poor thing was victimized by a nasty plant pest that resulted in a systemic effect that deformed its foliage and blooms causing them to curl and shrivel. It finally just stopped  blooming or thriving. We were counting the days till it died, when Tom accidentally backed into the doomed plant with his Cadillac. I worked  to rescue it by feeding it with plant food, and applying an anti-viral treatment, and I propped the thing up with a stake. The plant has been ill for over a month now, but this morning I saw  two buds on it. I won’t know if the Hybrid is on the mend until the buds bloom so I can see if the blooms look normal. I’m hoping for this beauty, it’s blooms are gorgeous!

Bud of hope!

Keeping my fingers crossed:)

The day wouldn’t be complete if one of our favorite feathered visitors didn’t stop by to say goodnight!

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